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Growth Mindset Open Afternoon!

On Tuesday 6th June, we opened our doors to our parents and carers to allow them the chance to come and learn about Growth Mindset with their children.

The afternoon was a great success with parents, children and staff and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy having the opportunity to share in our learning.

Thank you to everyone who was involved – it was great to see so many people demonstrating a GROWTH MINDSET!

Due to the success of this event, we plan to hold similar ones in the future and we thank everyone for their positive, constructive feedback… We will take this feedback on board and look forward to seeing everyone at the next event.

What Went Well..

“The children have clearly understood and bought into the concept – well done to the staff!”

“Great to see the children working in the classrooms and super turnout. Could tell that the whole school was involved.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon. It was great to see what happens in the classroom. Teachers at Carrick Knowe are going a great job. I learned something today myself!”

“Enjoyed being in a classroom with my daughter – she loved it too. Thank you for having us”

Even Better If…

“More time in the classrooms please – the time just flew past!”

“More explanation of what parents can do at home to facilitate children’s mindsets.”

“Please can you give parents more notice of the dates next time.”

P4 Class Assembly!

In May, Primary 4 worked those neurons… they exercised their brains… they dove into the learning pit… and produced a superb assembly!

As you may have guessed it was all linked to their work on ‘Growth Mindset’. Take a look at our pictures below.

Community Concert 2017

Our pupils from Primary 4 to 7 performed at Carrick Knowe Parish Church in the 2017 Community Concert on Thursday 11th May. We had a wide range of performers including dancers, singers and musicians to entertain the local community.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed all of the acts and even sang along with 2 songs. Over the past couple of weeks, the children have been practising and perfecting their routines and this hard work certainly paid off!

Well done and thank you to all the performers who participated in the CKPS Community concert – it really was a fabulous afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed by one and all.

They then did it all again to the whole school and some extra parents on Friday morning. Bravo guys!

What A Difference!

A huge thank you to all of our volunteers who turned up on Saturday morning to help us transform our allotment area. It really was a jungle out there but in the space of a couple of hours we have turned it into an area that children can use as a learning environment.

Take a look at all of our volunteers below!

Thank You – Part I

A huge thank you to all those who turned up to the church on Saturday 25th March. Thanks to your votes, the church will now provide funding for a ‘Mile-A-Day’ course and also developing road safety in the nursery!

Thank You – Part II

On Friday 24th March, some of our PTA volunteers set up a ‘Mothers Day’ gift room. Lots of children were able to take a small amount of pocket money along to buy a special gift and at they same time they managed to raise lots of funds for our school.

P3 Does Comic Relief!

It has been an incredibly busy week in Primary 3 with so many fundraising events and two incredible assemblies. A huge thank you must go out to everyone who was able to donate so generously for Comic Relief – WE RAISED £800! Here is how our week went with a cool music video at the bottom of the page!

Tuesday was our enormous bake sale…

Wednesday was all about the smoothies…

On Thursday we created our own music video – Put A Nose On It!

And Friday was our assembly and dress down day!

Our Digital Homework

We are aware that there have been some teething problems with regards to our Digital Homework approach. Please check our FAQ’s below as they address a number of issues or ask your child to speak to their class teacher as the first port of call.

1. Was a letter sent home explaining how I can access my child’s homework?

Yes. If it got lost on the way home, it can be found by clicking here.

2. How do I log in to find my child’s maths homework?

1) Go to www.activelearnprimary.co.uk
2) Enter your child’s username (this should be their name with no gaps)
3) Enter their password (e.g. carrickP?)
4) Enter the school code (this is j7qx – all small case)
5) Once logged in, just click ‘My Stuff’ to see what has been allocated.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 20.57.04.png

3. Can my child play the maths games again?

Yes! Just go to ‘My Library’ on the top bar then click on the library door to reveal all of their previously allocated games. If your child has been doing ones in class – they will appear too!

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 21.03.32.png

4. Can I do the spelling homework in two parts?

Yes – this is possible by submitting the homework twice. Just write a note in the empty boxes to say ‘To Be Finished’ or that it is ‘Already Completed’ then click submit. An example has been given below.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 21.11.43.png

5. When is the homework due?

The due date for this homework approach is Friday.

Growth Mindset

The Mindset Mob have spent the past couple of weeks creating a massive Minion learning pit for the front of the school.

Going into the learning pit is scary and can make you feel very angry and frustrated…but if you keep working hard, use a range of different strategies and persevere then you will gain a deeper level of understanding.

It may be scary, but we want everyone to go into the learning pit!

Image result for The learning pit


If you would like to know more about the learning pit concept, please watch this clip:


Schools across Edinburgh celebrated World Book Day last Thursday however we always like to do things a little differently and ‘much more awesomely’ at Carrick Knowe! We celebrated it all week and it all ended on Friday with two amazing assemblies!

Warning: There are lots of pictures below! This page may take a little while to load!

First of all the staff set the standard with some great costumes…

We’ve also been ‘jazzing up’ our library areas with help from the children, teachers and PSAs.

During our assembly, the teachers were put under pressure to pick out their costume winners – there were too many to choose from! Can you guess the book characters?

We then have some general assembly pictures… Which book characters can you see!?

Even Fred Frog and his friends got in on the action!

And finally a few more with some Harry Potter and David Walliams group shots!

Runners and Dancers!

We love celebrating achievements at Carrick Knowe. This week we have had a group of dancers taking part in a ‘Dance Extravaganza’ at the Church Hill Theatre as well as a group of runners taking part in a ‘Cross Country’ event.

Although we don’t have any photographs of our amazing dancers (cameras were banned – BOO!!), we do have one of the cross country runners!


A huge well done to everybody involved. All the teachers and pupil support assistants who attended these events said they had a wonderful time and you should all be very proud of your efforts.

World Book Week!

A bell rang!  “Mrs Bennett, that means we have to drop everything and read!” shouted a keen voice.  Here is what it looked like…

This is what it sounded like…

What did it feel like?  The children said calm, relaxed, and it brought you into the story!

What did it smell like?  Some children thought it smelled just like paper. One child said it smelled like the cabbage from the story. Oooh!

What did it taste like?  It tasted like Munchies, “that ‘s what I eat at home when I’m reading or playing!” said one hungry youngster.

Active Kids 2017

Tell your family, tell your friends and help us collect as many vouchers as possible for the Sainsbury’s Active Kids campaign! You can put the vouchers in our box which will live just outside the office or feel free to pop them in your child’s bag.

At Sainsbury’s Local you’ll get one voucher for every £5 you spend and in Sainsbury’s Supermarkets you’ll be given one voucher for every £10 you spend!


Our Scots Assembly !

We’ve had a fantastic few days at Carrick Knowe celebrating everything that’s great about Scots! On Thursday we had our annual P7 Ceilidh (the pictures can be found here on the P7 blog) and on Friday we enjoyed an assembly full of poetry recitals, singing and dancing.

A huge thank you must go to our P7 hosts for keeping everything on track and in the right order!

What have the PTA been doing?

At the start of the year, the PTA asked the pupils, teachers and parents what they wanted to raise funds for within the school and they have been hard at work to ensure these wishes have been granted!

So far this year they have purchased TEN NEW PROJECTORS. If you ask the children, I’m sure they will tell you that some of the projectors in our school have been in a sorry state for some time now and the new ones have made a huge difference. Click on the pictures below for a before and after comparison!

Plans are also currently in place to replace and repair the blinds in classrooms (pupil wish) and purchase new PE equipment (staff wish).

As well as the purchases, the PTA also arranged a First Aid Course so they can ensure the highest possible care at all PTA events.

Homework Update

When launching the ‘Big Homework Trial’ back in October, we agreed that every approach would have something different to get your feedback on a number of different things. One of these things included the time-frame for homework been handed in. For the next three weeks, homework will be handed out on a Thursday and collected on a Monday (as is stated on our timetable below).

Some parents have asked what will happen if they are unable to complete the homework. As this is a trial, a record will be kept of how many children were unable to hand their homework in and this information will be used in the future as we take our next steps.

For the remainder of this trial period, no further action will be taken (e.g. lost golden time / playtime) against children who have not completed their homework. Parents can then provide feedback as part of our next survey.

Despite this, we would still like any homework to be completed where possible. For more information about our trial please click here to visit the homework page.

Homework In The Media


Just like Carrick Knowe, Newsround have been investigating lots of different aspects of homework. Check out this link for views from educators, children and parents in the form of a few short clips. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/38383428

Get The New ‘Be Food Smart’ App


Last month, Public Health England released a handy new app which tells you all you need to know about making healthy choices. It’s called ‘Be Food Smart’ and by scanning a barcode you can quickly see what’s inside your favourite food and drinks. You might be surprised by what you find!

You’ll also find loads of simple hints and tips to help you make healthier choices, plus food detective activities for the kids and fun mini-mission ideas for the whole family. For more information, check out the Change4Life website here: https://www.nhs.uk/change4life-beta/be-food-smart

Cash For Kids & Nativity Raffle


On Friday 16th December, we raised a massive £265.20 for the ‘Cash for Kids’ charity. Children brought in small donations in return for wearing their Christmas jumpers while our PSA’s turned into culinary geniuses by selling some bacon rolls to our staff!

Also a big well done to Mrs H Crossan, grandmother of Jennifer in P2B, for winning the Nativity raffle. She takes home with her a large food and drink hamper just in time for Christmas!

Lights, Camel, Action!

Well done to everyone who played their part in this years wonderful nativity. Everybody in P1, P2 and P3 should feel very proud of all the hard work they have put in.

There were times when we didn’t feel we would make this point but we have now managed to produce 3 successful nativity performances!

A special thanks must also go to Miss ‘Spielberg’ Clark and Mrs ‘Tarantino’ Bruce for their amazing efforts with all the scripts, casting, staging, dances and songs.

Winter Gathering Event

On Thursday 17th November 2016, many of our parents and carers braved the frosty weather to come in to school to learn all about Growth Mindset and to find out about the mindset journey that Carrick Knowe Primary School is on.

With only 2 hours to share our learning, time was very tight but everyone had the chance to learn about ‘mindsets for life’‘the difference between Fixed and Growth Mindsets’ and also ‘how the brain learns’.

Our parents and carers also had the chance to have cup of tea and mince pie whilst looking at some of the resources that we are using in school. There were many Mindset Mob pupils and teachers on hand to answer questions and the parents had the chance to look at some examples of our learning.

We need to say a massive THANK YOU to the Mindset Mob pupils who helped to teach the parents about Growth Mindset through performing a super play that demonstrated different mindsets. It was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by all! Thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm, your lunch time practises certainly paid off!

We also need to say a huge THANK YOU to Franck David (P4 and P6 Parent) who has been supporting the staff in their knowledge and understanding of Growth and Fixed Mindsets and who kindly prepared and delivered a workshop.

A huge THANK YOU to the teachers on the Mindset Working Party who have helped to prepare and deliver this event.

Image result for growth mindset quotes

And finally, THANK YOU to all the parents and carers who came along to the Winter Gathering Event, your support and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated and we look forward to sharing more with you as we continue on our Mindset journey.

The materials and PowerPoints that were used at the Winter Gathering event will be available on the website shortly as there were a number of parents who were very interested in learning about Growth Mindset but were unable to attend.

Our next Growth Mindset parents workshop will be at the end of January/beginning of February – more information will be available in 2017

Our New Signs

On behalf of the Carrick Knowe JRSOs (Junior Road Safety Officers) we would just like to say a huge thank you to everybody who was involved in the installation of our new signs.

The signs were installed just over a week ago and already they have had a positive effect on the way pupils and parents are accessing the school safely.

Children In Need

A big thank you to everybody for making a small donation on Friday for Children In Need. We managed to raise £368.29 which will go towards supporting thousands of young people and families across the UK.


Remembrance Day 2016

On Friday 11th November at 11am, all the children and staff at Carrick Knowe joined in as the nation fell silent to mark Armistice Day. We were also joined by our school Chaplains, Mr Griggs and Mrs Mathieson, for a very special assembly.

Then on Sunday 13th November, we were represented by two Primary 7 pupils at the Corstorphine Parish Church Service of Remembrance. They laid a poppy wreath on behalf of all the pupils, parents and staff of Carrick Knowe Primary School. The girls conducted themselves beautifully and were a real credit to the school.

We Will Remember Them.


We have been learning about our brains! We know that our brain is a muscle that can grow and make new connections when we learn new things and take on new challenges. Our neurons are small cells in the brain that make pathways when we learn something new or challenging. We know that we when find something difficult, its because our neurons are making new pathways… the more we practise, the stronger the pathways get!


The PTA held a fantastic Halloween Disco and it was great to see everyone in all of their amazing outfits! The PTA would also like to thank our volunteers for the time they gave up to help us out – once again, without you these events would not be able to go ahead.

Primary 3 did some ‘Time Warp’ dance moves on the field and there was some great pumpkin carving going on with Mrs Clark – however it did end up in pieces!

Elsewhere, Mrs McMorris and Miss Wright were enjoying the first Halloween with their beautiful babies!

What went on during half term?

School may have been closed but that doesn’t mean that hard work wasn’t going on. The gates outside our entrance desperately needed painting and luckily for us we had some willing volunteers ready to get the paintbrushes out!

This is how they looked before and during…

And look at how great they look now!

 Parent Consultations

A big thank you to everybody who was able to turn up to our Parent Consultations last week. We really enjoy getting to meet parents and discussing all the learning that has been taking place as well as sharing your children’s targets with you.


Fred Frog and Primary 3!

Fred Frog’s P3 friends have been enjoying getting to know Fred Frog and learning so much together each day. We’ve been PERFECT PARTNERS, looking at and listening to each other as we share our ideas; we’ve been encouraging one another as we CELEBRATE our sucesses; we know how to use MTYT (My Turn Your Turn) and TTYP (Turn To Your Partner) when we are using our MAGIC READING WANDS to read our SPEEDY SOUNDS and WORDS, GREEN and RED WORDS, and STORIES to each other. Mrs Dale and Fred Frog say: GOOD JOB and KEEP UP THE SUPER EFFORT P3!

School Photograph Survey

Thank you to everyone who voted in the recent Parent Council survey to decide the background colour choice for the school photos. As you can see from the results chart below, the colour with the most votes was… LIGHT BLUE!

School Photograph Survey Results.png

We have let Tempest Photography know that they should use the light blue background for this year’s photos.

Playground Transformations!

This week we welcomed lots of fantastic volunteers from Lloyds Bank to help transform our playground area.

They spent their time doing everything from painting the boat and the playground to brightening up our fences and creating benches!

On behalf of the whole school we would just like to say a huge…

Thank You.png

What A Dotty Day!

Last week we saw lots of our children come to school in something dotty in order to celebrate the book ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds. A link to this story is available at the bottom of this page.

Every class has had the chance to read and discuss this book in order to promote different types of creativity and develop a growth mindset. Over the course of the past few days, everyone at Carrick Knowe, from the pupils to the staff, (even Mr Millar!) created their own DOTTY picture, all of which will be displayed in the gym hall. We can’t wait to see our dot pictures all together!

 “The Dot story is all about practising a skill and always wanting to get better at something…, practising, trying hard and never giving up!”(Charlie, P6)

“The Dot story teaches us to never give up and to help other people to see what they can do.” (Liam, P5)

“It teaches us to use a growth mindset to get better at something.” (Jacob, P4)


Since the start of term, everybody at Carrick Knowe has been talking about Growth Mindset. Last week we had an assembly to help us explain the differences between a ‘Fixed Mindset’ and a ‘Growth Mindset’.

We started by organising some statements into the two mindsets…

Then, with a little help from Mojo, we saw how important it is to keep exercising our brains by ‘not giving up’ and ‘finding new ways to solve problems’.

We ended our assembly by singing Roar – can you link any of the lyrics to a ‘Growth Mindset’?