Primary 1 Blog (2015-16)


Once Upon A Time There Was A P1 Assembly!

The Primary 1 children wowed us all this week with two impressive assemblies – one to the whole school and the other to their parents and carers.

It was fairy tale themed and the assembly saw the children trying to save fairyland with the help of Duncan the Dragon. It was a fabulous effort by the children as we saw them act, sing, dance and even RAP !!!

Teddy Bear’s Picnic!

Making Toys With P7 Buddies…

Over the past couple of weeks, the Primary 7’s have been working with their P1 buddies to design and create different toys made from junk materials. The children used their problem solving and craft skills to create all sorts of fabulous toys ranging from robots to cars to dolls.

Super teamwork!

Toys With Our P7 Buddies!


For the next four weeks the P1s and P7s will be working together to design and build toys. This week we began to think about what forces we know and how we can design a toy that we could build from recycled materials.

Next week pupils will be coming home with a list of materials they need to bring to school – like cardboard boxes, lids etc. Please help us by collecting any clean recycling and sending it in.

Thank you!


We are beginning our ‘Toys’ topic which will run from now until the Easter holidays.

We began by thinking about what we already know about toys and using that to begin to sort toys into different categories.

Initially we thought about what was similar about the toys and how we play with them. You can support your child at home by thinking about how they play with different sorts of toys and what makes that toy work – batteries, human power, imagination…..!  The list is endless; the discussion is the really important part.

Gruffalo Shelter Building

After reading The Gruffalo in Scots Primary 1 went outside to build a shelter for an animal the Gruffalo might meet.

With Our talking partners we found sticks of roughly the same length and used clay to join them together. Although this was quite tricky, having a partner to share ideas really helped. Before we went outside we practised using plasticine and straws.

Snakes and Ladders

Primary 1s worked with their P7 buddies to improve their numeracy skills this week.

We played Snakes and Ladders together; we counted on from each spot instead of starting at 1 (If your counter is at 6 and your roll a 4, move your counter saying 7,8,9,10 and tracking the movement on your fingers.)

Try playing the same way at home and give your child a maths boost! For more information – go to the following website:

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Sand Castle Challenge

Primary 1 worked together to build sand castles. We experimented with different moulds and sizes of buckets to see how many different castles we could make.