Primary 2 Blog (2015-16)


Fun With Directions in P2!

This week we have been learning about how to use directions.


We made pirate maps then we wrote directions about how to reach the treasure!

We got our friend to follow our instructions and then made boats for a game of battleships to learn about  grid references.

Finally the games can begin!

Egyptian Research In P3/2

In P3/2, we’ve been making full use of the iPads by working in small groups to find out all about the Egyptians. We then shared our findings with our talking partners.

Active Spelling!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been trying out different ways to learn our spellings. Some of our groups have had the opportunity to play some fun games using our iPads!

Bust Those Germs!

This term, Primary 2 have been learning all about the human body. They are now looking at how to protect us from germs to stay healthy over the winter!

This week, they had a visitor from the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital (AKA Miss McDonald’s Mum!). She brought along a special machine called ‘The Glitterbug’ to see how well the children washed their hands!

Technology Challenge

In P2A we worked in groups to complete a technology design challenge. We had to work together to try to build the tallest tower – using only straws and plasticine!

It was very tricky and our towers kept falling over, but everyone kept trying out different design ideas to make the towers stronger and taller.

Have a look at how well our designers worked together!