Primary 3 Blog (2015-16)


Final P3B Group Shot!

Our Roman Day!

We had the best day ever in Primary 3 on Wednesday 11th May because we all turned into Romans – even the teachers played their part!

It was an action-packed day which started with getting dressed up and been given Roman names. Our normal lessons were scrapped and instead we had activities such as latin lessons, a Roman numeral treasure hunt, scroll making and battle training. I don’t think the Primary 7’s were very impressed when we decided to invade them as part of our battle training and disrupt their reading lessons!

Finally, a big thank you must go out to all those parents who clearly but lots of work into creating the children’s costumes, swords and shields. You guys are the best!

The P3 Roman Trip

On Monday 25th April, Primary 3 took the bus into town in order to attend a Roman workshop at the National Museum of Scotland.

It was an action-packed day as we…

– dressed as Romans

– learned about Romans and Gladiators

– handled Roman artefacts including coins, pottery and knucklebones

– checked out the different areas of the museum

We must also say a big thanks to Mrs Black (Daniel’s Mum), Mr Innes (Rhys and Hannah’s Dad), Mrs Rodger and Miss Simpson for helping us out on this trip!

What’s That Sound!?

In our science lessons we have been looking at soundwaves including how they are created and how we can change them. We watched paper clips jump about on top of a speaker and also amplified the sound of a piece of string by creating these cool characters!


Star Wars Coding

We’ve gone all ‘techy’ in Primary 3 as we started a series of coding lessons. We now know that to code means to give a computer a series of instructions. And what better way to start than by programming BB-8 and R2-D2 from Star Wars!

Shoe Pop Art!

Have a look at some of P3A’s amazing pop art designs. We have been learning about mixing colours with paint and adding detail to our patterns.

Karate Time!

Primary 3 have been developing our karate skills in PE. Take a look at our videos and pictures below:

Baby McMorris

Everybody in Primary would like to pass on their huge congratulations to Mrs McMorris and her husband on the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Bethany Ann McMorris. She was born at 10:13am on 17 February 2016 weighing 6lbs 3ozs.

P3A Are Times Table Experts!

Miss Conway is super proud of P3A! We have been practising our 2 times table through song. At first we were using music and the words to help us but now we can do it all by ourselves! We can’t wait to look at the 3 times table after the February holidays!

A Walk Around Our Local Area

As part of our ‘Local Area’ topic, P3 decided to take a trip down to the shops to conduct some very important surveys! We stopped off at the butchers, the bakers, the grocers and the hairdressers along our route to find out what they were selling. Our survey also involved finding out about the types of houses we have in our nearby streets too.

Pop Art

As part of our Expressive Arts curriculum, we’ve been looking at different ‘Pop Art’ artists and creating some of our own pieces. This week Miss Simpson and P3B used a simple teacup as their inspiration. We used 4 contrasting colours to make them look really effective and added detailed patterns – take a look at our results below.

Egyptian Research In P3/2

In P3/2, we’ve been making full use of the iPads by working in small groups to find out all about the Egyptians. We then shared our findings with our talking partners.

Active Spelling!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been getting creative with our spelling work with the help of Mr Morley, Miss Conway and Miss Simpson. Some of our activities have included creating word shapes, using Scrabble letters and also using iPads!

P3A Fairytale Talks!

Primary 3 worked extremely hard when presenting about their favourite fairytales. They had to be able to retell the story accurately, share information about their favourite part of the story and who their favourite character was. As well as remembering all that content they also had to ensure they made good eye contact and spoke clearly. To accompany their presentations they also made a mini shoebox world, puppets or a poster.

Well done Primary 3! Your presentations were amazing!

P3B Fairytale Talks!

To end our fairytale topic, Primary 3 were given the challenge of choosing their favourite story and creating a poster or a scene from it. Look at our FANTASTIC results below.

Our AWESOME Assembly!

This year, Primary 3 put on TWO AMAZING ASSEMBLIES!

The focus of their assembly was ‘Food Glorious Food’ and they informed us all of the importance of having a healthy balanced diet.

There was a wide range of entertainment…

“Singing… Dancing… Miming… Acting… Comedy… Mash-Ups…”

It featured some well-known TV programmes…

“Masterchef… The Great British Bake Off…”

And even included some special guests…

“John and Greg… Mel and Sue… Mary Berry… Paul Hollywood and… Mr Hunter and Mrs Matear!”

A big thank you to everyone who came along to support the children – the bar has been set very high for the rest of the school!

P3 Chocolate Makers

As much as we love different fruits and vegetables – we decided to go chocolate crazy this week in Primary 3…

All term we have been reading ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and finding out about his wonderful, scrumptious, delightful treats. We enjoyed reading the book so much that this week we decided to design our own chocolate bars and then make them!

Mr Morley, Mrs McMorris, Miss Foster, Mrs Rodger and Mrs Crawford all acted like our Oompa-Loompa’s by providing us with all of our tasty ingredients!

Homemade Soup!

It’s been another busy week in Primary 3. After harvested lots of vegetable from our alltoment, it was time to do something with them…

Did somebody say soup!?

Happy Harvesting!

P3 have been busy down at the allotment this week in order to harvest some our fruit and vegetables. We weren’t afraid to get our hands dirty and even the teachers joined in too!

Check back soon to see what we’re going to do with them!

Smoothie Making!

We’ve been having lots of fun in Primary 3 this week. We started by looking where different fruits come from and ended by making AND TASTING delicious smoothies !!!