Primary 4 Blog (2015-16)


A New Railway Station

After our visit to Edinburgh Waverley Station, we wanted to recreate a railway station of our own.  We called it Edinburgh Carrick Knowe Station.  Passengers travelled to London via Manchester, to Glasgow, To Ireland and to Hogwarts. you can see the ticket officers were very busy, the buffet was full of chattering travellers, there was a fair amount of lost property and the station manager was bombarded by queries.

P4 planned out routes, according to customer demand, drew up timetables and destination boards and ensured the trains left from the correct platforms. After all our hard work we enjoyed a marmalade sandwich in true Paddington style.  The Paddington stories had been our inspiration for this work

Visit To Waverley Station

The children of P4 caught a tram into Edinburgh city centre, then ventured through Princes Street Gardens to reach Waverley Station.  We met Simon, who gave us a fabulous tour of the station, pointed out the 27,400 panes of glass in the new roof and showed us platforms, trains, ticket office and lost property.  We also saw the magnificent old ornate central roof of the travel centre and paid our respects to those members of the railway service who served and died in the wars.We also met Ford and Paddy,who were the British Transport Police dogs.  They may have just stolen the show!

Keeping Fit!

We know that keeping fit is very important in Primary 4. Here’s a bird’s-eye view of our fitness in action with Mrs Thomson and Mr Wallace leading the way!

Keeping Fit In P4

Sukkot Shelters

Happy Hanukkah!

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Treasure Hunt

We used our maths skills to solve problems. The answers made up letter clues and from these clues we made up words. The words told us it was treasure hunt. Then we had to solve a riddle to find the hidden treasure. We worked with a partner. We defended a home base and we racked our brains.