Primary 7 Blog (2015-16)


Brazilian Carnival Floats in Primary 7

We have been learning about the Rio Carnival and decided to make some miniature Carnival floats to demonstrate Brazilian culture.

We designed our floats, created a strong wooden frame, attached wheels and then decorated our float to represent an aspect of Brazilian life.

We developed our skills in woodwork and cooperating with others. We also had the chance to go wild with our imagination….feathers, pipe cleaners and glitter!

Creating Our Own Risk Factory!

We are the ‘Guardians of P3’ and we take our job very seriously indeed!

Inspired by our trip to the Risk Factory – we decided to create our very own Risk Factory in our classrooms and in the playground! Then we took our P3 friends around all of the different risks.

We Are Published Artists!

International Edinburgh Festival’s ‘Anything that gives off light’ Project

Its official – Primary 7 have published their own poems and contributed to a public art display.

On Tuesday 10th May, Primary 7 pupils created poems and art work that will be part of a public art display outside the Scottish Parliament in August as part of the International Edinburgh Festival.

Throughout the day, the pupils participated in a creative writing workshop to develop their own Mesostic poems that will be published on wooden planks in the grounds outside the Scottish Parliament…

The poems were all about the pupils “inner light” and were incredibly personal and creative.

In the afternoon, the pupils had the opportunity to use masonry paint to decorate a wooden mannequin which will be part of a larger sculpture that will also be based outside the Scottish Parliament building.

Finally, the pupils created a collage linked to their poem – these will be displayed in school shortly.

Everyone had a super day….even Mr O’Connell was spotted painting!

The art sculpture and poems will be displayed during the Edinburgh Festival (5th to 29th August) outside the Scottish Parliament – make sure you take a trip down the Royal Mile in August to see our fabulous creations!

Explaining Risks With Primary 3!

Following our trip to ‘The Risk Factory’, we wanted to share all the information we had learned with other children in the school…

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be teaming up with P3 to explain to them all about everyday risks. This week, we started off by reading them a story called ‘The Birthday Party’ and by using excellent reading and questioning skills we were able to share with P3 what risks may appear in our homes.

Making Toys With Our Primary 1 Buddies…

Over the past couple of weeks, the Primary 7’s have been working with their P1 buddies to design and create different toys made from junk materials. The children used their problem solving and craft skills to create all sorts of fabulous toys ranging from robots to cars to dolls.

Super teamwork!

International Women’s Day

On Tuesday 8th March 2016, Mrs Clark and the Primary 7 girls took a trip on the tram to the Royal Bank of Scotland’s headquarters at Gogarburn to participate in a range of workshops. This trip was organised by RBS and on International Women’s Day with the aim of inspiring young girls to develop their interest and skills in Science, Technologies, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

Throughout the day, the girls participated in lots of workshops that focussed on developing a wide range of skills. These workshops included:

  • Coding using Raspberry Pi
  • Playing maths games focusing on managing money
  • Experiencing life using virtual reality headsets
  • Operating and controlling various robots

The focus of this event was to highlight the career opportunities that are available to women in the world of Science, Technologies, Engineering and Maths, as currently, there is a significant lack of women who work in these fields. Hopefully, from today’s event, some of our girls will be inspired to develop their interests or consider a career in Science, Technologies, Engineering or Maths. Below are some pictures from the girls’ day out at RBS Gogarburn.

The P7 boys stayed at school with Mr O’Connell and Miss Benson but they also developed their technology skills through creating simple animations using Scratch and making iMovie’s. All of the Primary 7’s will hopefully get the benefit of some of the contacts that Mrs Clark made whilst away at the trip. Watch this space for exciting workshops coming to the annexe soon!

Money on the Mound

On Tuesday 1st March 2016, P7A took a trip into town to visit the Money on the Mound Museum. The children (and adults) learned lots about the history of money in Scotland, different ways to keep money safe and the secrets behind a £20 note!!

Below are some pictures from our trip including a picture of £1 million… what would you do with £1 million?

A Day In The Life Of An Evacuee…

On Tuesday 26th January 2016, the Primary 7 pupils dressed up as World War 2 evacuees to experience what life would have been like for a child during the Second World War.

Throughout the day, the children remained in character and learned about the life of an evacuee through drama, writing and art. The children worked in groups to perform short plays to show what it would have been like for a child to:

  • Receive the evacuation letter
  • Leave their parents
  • Travel by train
  • Meet their host family
  • Explore the countryside
  • Return home

The evacuee’s wrote letters home to their parents describing their new life in the countryside. So as Vera Lynn played out across the classroom, Primary 7 pupils sat by candle light and wrote their own letters home. In the afternoon, Primary 7 explored evacuee life through art and created some detailed life drawings showing the different emotions that evacuee children would have experienced.

The day was a great success and both teachers and pupils had great fun and managed to remain in character for the whole day.

“I really liked the evacuation day, it was great fun to dress up and be in character for the whole day. I really liked how the classroom was set up like it was during the war and it was really fun when the air raid siren went off and we had to hide under our desks (because there wasn’t enough room in our shelter.) Evacuation day really helped me to understand what it was like to be an evacuee.” – Amy (P7a)

“I enjoyed the evacuation day because it was great to learn through drama. I enjoyed learning this way because it helped me to understand what life would really have been like for an evacuee because we were acting it all out.” – Sam (P7b)


Remembrance Day 2015

On Sunday 8th November 2015, Mrs Clark and 2 Primary 7 children attended the Corstorphine Village Remembrance Day service to lay a poppy wreath on behalf of the children and staff of Carrick Knowe Primary School.

The service took place at the war memorial beside Corstorphine Old Parish Church and was attended by many local groups and organisations.

Our Primary 7’s were excellent ambassadors for the school and respectfully laid their wreath on behalf of all the children and staff at Carrick Knowe.

On Thursday we followed this up by respecting a two minutes silence in memory of all those who have fought and are still fighting for the freedom we have today.

“We Will Remember Them”

Our P7 Camp!

It’s fair to say we had the best week ever – and that was just Mrs Clark, Mr O’Connell, Mrs English and Mrs Moffat. It’s safe to say Mr Morley had a ‘mixed’ time over the course of the week!

It was action-packed all week. Check out some of our pictures below to remind yourself of some of the things that we did!