Additional Support Blog (2016-17)


What has Fred Frog been doing recently?

Have a look at some more photographs to find out what Fred Frog and his friends have been learning about in recent weeks and months…

We celebrate our success:

Fred Frog was delighted to celebrate with Mia and Cameron when they received certificates for their effort and hard work at our Celebrating Success Assemblies. Well Done! 

We have been using ‘Fred Talk’ to help us with our reading; we enjoy working with our partners to read our green and white words:

We had fun as we enjoyed acting out Pirate Stories about Black Hat Bob and Red Hat Rob! Can you recognise us?! Thanks to Mr Morley and Mrs Clark for providing some of the props! 🙂 

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Fred Frog loved meeting our Mums and Dads in class one day:


We practise using our sounds in lots of different ways; ‘sound stories’ and colourful ‘sound rulers’ help us to remember the sounds and how to spell words using the different sounds:


‘ar’….. start the car!


‘ou’…. shout it out!


Crossword fun!


‘ow’ ….. blow the snow!


Growth Mindset and the ‘Power Of Yet’

Liam and Lewis have been learning how to read and write words with the ‘ng’ ending…. they have NOT YET reached their TIME TARGET for reading these words, but with practice each day they will be able to BEAT THE TIME TARGET!

Jasmine enjoyed using a spelling APP on the iPad to help her learn to spell the tricky word: ‘were’; she still can’t easily write a joined-up handwriting style ‘d’ YET but with practice and her hard work, concentration and effort, we know she will soon be able to have success and do this easily! WELL DONE JASMINE! Keep up the GOOD EFFORT!

September was a busy month for Fred Frog and his Primary 3 friends!

Fred Frog’s P3 friends have been enjoying getting to know Fred Frog and learning so much together each day. We’ve been PERFECT PARTNERS, looking at and listening to each other as we share our ideas; we’ve been encouraging one another as we CELEBRATE our sucesses; we know how to use MTYT (My Turn Your Turn) and TTYP (Turn To Your Partner) when we are using our MAGIC READING WANDS to read our SPEEDY SOUNDS and WORDS, GREEN and RED WORDS, and STORIES to each other. Mrs Dale and Fred Frog say: GOOD JOB and KEEP UP THE SUPER EFFORT P3!

Fred Frog remembers….

….. good times last session and looks forward to more fun times in the year ahead!

Some of Fred Frog’s Primary 3 friends had a great time celebrating their successful learning about words with the tricky spellings: ‘cious’ and ‘tious’!  We made deliCIOUS gingerbread men. Fred Frog thought they were scrumpTIOUS and so did lots of us at CKPS. WELL DONE Primary 3! You tried hard to DO YOUR BEST! 🙂

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