Primary 2 Blog (2016-17)


P2 Visit RSPB Loch Leven

On Monday 12th June, Primary 2 were taken over the River Forth to the RSPB Nature Reserve at Loch Leven. We spent the day outdoors – pond dipping,bird spotting and playing in the great playground. It was very windy but luckily no rain. A great day out!

Outdoor Learning Day!

On Thursday P2 went outside to do their learning . They worked cooperatively with a partner to hunt for animal pictures in the woods. They worked on capacity in the sand pit. They also helped clean up the playground by picking up litter.  Some children had their lunch outside and in the afternoon we took the toys out for golden time. Luckily the weather was great!

Learning The Skills Of Rugby!

P2 have been learning some rugby skills with Brad. They have been learning how to throw and catch correctly. They also played a game – trying to score a try. Great fun!

P2 Go Gardening!

Now is the time to start getting ready to plant for the summer. Before the holidays we planted some seeds and some of them are already starting to grow. Today we cleared out some of the boxes so they they are ready for the seeds. We are hoping for a great crop this year!

Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam!

This week we have been listening to the story of Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam. We have done many activities linked to this story. One of the things we did was to draw pictures of the main characters after we watched a broadcast by Tracey Cordoroy and Steve Lenton.

Money, Money, Money!

P2A were learning all about money with Kaden’s mum. We learnt about where our money comes from and that you have to think carefully about how to spend your money.

We worked with a partner and talked about what we need and what we want. We learned that it is important to plan what you do with money.

Google Earth

In P2A, we’ve been using the iPads to locate our school on Google Earth. We also tried to have a look round the school and some children were able to find Edinburgh Zoo and Edinburgh Castle.

Christmas Partyyy!

It was party time for Primary 1 and Primary 2 as they all had a fantastic  time at their Christmas party. Everyone was dressed up beautifully and the afternoon was very busy with lots of games, food and dancing.

There was also a very special visitor… Ho Ho Ho!

Another Sad Goodbye…

P2 said goodbye to Miss Adam and Miss Cosgrove today. They have had a successful teaching practice with us and we wish them all the best. We finished the day with games based on our theme of friendship.

Healthy Eating

Miss Cosgrove has taught us what foods are healthy – and we were taught all of this through fun games and activities! We even made our own healthy packed lunchboxes.

How To Keep Healthy Teeth!

Miss Adam was helping us to learn about why we should always brush our teeth. We used an app on the iPad to help us to brush our teeth for 2 minutes. As part of  our learning a dentist has also been set up in P2B. It’s open every afternoon should you need an appointment!

Diwali Celebrations!

We’ve been learning all about the celebration of Diwali. We took part in lots of fun activities which included making lanterns, rangoli patterns with coloured sand. We also got to taste some delicious Diwali sweets!

Goodbye Miss Watson! 😫

P2 were sad to say goodbye to Miss Watson who has been working in Carrick Knowe for many years. We would all like to wish her good luck in her new position at a nursery school. We will certainly miss her in the class and in the playground.


Signs Of Autumn!

We went into the words to collect leaves and sticks to make an Autumn picture. It was so windy we had to bring all the material into the class. We had really good ideas  for making the pictures.