Primary 4 Blog (2016-17)


P4 Class Assembly!

In May, Primary 4 worked those neurons… they exercised their brains… they dove into the learning pit… and produced a superb assembly!

As you may have guessed it was all linked to their work on ‘Growth Mindset’. Take a look at our pictures below.


Primary 4 are learning how to play the Ukulele! On Wednesday, we had our first lesson where we learned about the different parts of the instrument, how to hold the Ukulele correctly and played “Row, Row, Row your boat” using chord C.

Generation Science

On Monday 27th February, 2 ladies from Generation Science came to Carrick Knowe to teach primary 4 all about Electricity and how it travels from the power stations to our homes. We learned about different types of renewable and non-renewable energy sources and how electricity travels around the national grid. The workshop was very interactive and exciting to listen to.

If you are interested in finding out more about different science activities in Edinburgh then pop along to the Edinburgh Science Festival during the Easter holidays.

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On Monday, Primary 4 ended up caked in mud after our first rugby session. Our coach, Bradley came from Forrester Rugby Club to teach us some of the key skills involved with the game of rugby. We had great fun trying to run with ball, pass correctly and play as part of a team.

We’ve Made Animation Movies!

P4b have been creating their own ‘stop motion’ animation clips using ‘I can animate’  (following World Book Day, ‘Harry Potter’ has even made a ‘cameo’ in some of the clips).

Watch this space as the movies appear over the next few weeks!

Rugby Skills

P4B Turn Into Inventors

Which invention would like to use most at home?

Creating Our Own Viking Longhouses

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

We worked together in cooperative groups to complete a time challenge outside in the playground.

Scottish Inventors

As part of our Scottish Inventors topic we designed and created our very own inventions.

Super Scientists in P4!

Primary 4 have enjoyed learning about electrical circuits. We used “Snap Fix” to create different electrical circuits with motors, buzzers and lights. We quickly realised that we needed to add more batteries to our circuits to make them more exciting. We really enjoyed exploring how electrical circuits work using this equipment.

Primary 4 have also been learning about how electricity travels from the power station to our homes. We worked in cooperative groups to make these super models.

We used our knowledge of 3D shapes, craft and design skills and our creative abilities to demonstrate our understanding of how electricity travels.

Once we had created our models, we then wrote detailed instructions about how electricity travels from the power stations to our home. This was a very challenging task and many children were stuck in the learning pit, but through helping each other and listening carefully to their teachers, all children managed to write a great set of instructions to explain the chain of electricity. Fabulous effort everyone!

Mad Scientists P4!

Primary 4 pupils enjoyed learning about how electricity works by creating mini circuits to make a bulb light up. There was lots of enthusiasm, team work and enquiring questions.

There were lots of fabulous discussions and probing questions about how things work and how to make our circuits more adventurous. The Primary 4 scientists were very quick to use their problem solving strategies when their circuit didn’t work…was it the bulb? The battery? The wires? Or all 3?

There were many mad scientists who were keen to find out how to attach more than one light or battery to the circuit… Finlay and Craig, managed to power 4 light bulbs in one circuit!

Viking Shields

We’ve been designing and creating Viking shields.

Super Spelling

Primary 4 have been learning all about when to use an apostrophe to help shorten words, we know that these words are called “Contractions”.

Image result for word contractions

We participated in lots of cooperative activities to test our knowledge and understanding of when and how to shorten words. Primary 4 were also hunting for contractions in their reading books today! Keep up the super effort everyone.

Viking Longships

We have been learning all about the features of Viking Longships.  We tried to include these features into our designs.