Primary 5 Blog (2016-17)


Advertising and Marketing Topic

We have been working very hard in our ‘companies’ to produce a cereal/health bar that would appeal to a variety of different consumers.  We were delighted with the results. We particularly enjoyed the taste test!

Art With Mr Gonzalez!

There was carnage a few weeks ago as Mr Gonzalez got the glitter out for his art lessons – Mr Morley certainly wasn’t happy as it worked its way into his room!

However Primary 5 made amends last week as they worked with Mr G. to create some stunning pieces of firework art. Check out the art gallery below.


Clay Modelling

We have been learning how to make cartoon animals out of modelling clay.

Look out for the use of solid colours to mark different features of the animals.

Look out for the contrast of white on blue or pink.

Look out for the humour in these creatures.





Spelling In The Sun!

We decided to take advantage of the sunny weather and practiced our spelling outside.

Spelling hopscotch was great way of learning our words!



Successful Readers In P5B

All of this reading group received a ‘Perseverance Penny’ certificate today. They had found their book challenging to begin with but by trying hard, persevering and with a little support they realised they could read it and understand it.



P5 Visit The Zoo!

It was a cold clear day when P5 took to the Zoo. … Here are some pictures so that you can enjoy the trip too and ….THANK YOU to our parent helpers!






We now know that a Rhino can flip a tractor tyre as if it’s a balloon.

World Book Week

We’re getting ready in P5…


As we read a book, we make a recommendation so that others know what it’s about and if we like it!

Some new books have arrived and we had a good look to see if we wanted them in our Class Library.



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Primary 5 have been enjoying taster sessions of  Taekwondo! The taster sessions were delivered by Frank and Peter, of Phoenix Taekwondo, and kept everybody on their toes. Look at how we got on below!



Life During Tudor Times

We have had fun learning about what life was like during the 1500’s and comparing it to what our lives are like today.  We made a short clip explaining:

1. What we have learned.

2. What we have enjoyed.

3. What we would like to find out more about.



Our Toun

In P5B, we have been working in groups to create ‘Oor Toun’ as part of our Scots topic. Take a look at our amazing work below.



P5 Rainforest Assembly

Primary 5 set the standard very high by producing our first class assembly of the year. They told the school all about the impact of deforestation and the benefits that the rainforest can have on all of our lives.

There were dancing animals, amazing costumes and scenery, marvellous narrators, superb singing, tremendous musicians and… who would have thought that a ‘Wet, Wet, Wet’ tune would get played – this song can be found underneath our pictures!

Well done everybody!



 Happy Harvest!

We have been busy outside too. Just before the summer break, the children of P5A planted potatoes.  They were VERY happy with their harvest.


Times Table Games

Just look at some of the wonderful games Primary 5 children made at home!  We’ll be times tables champions after playing these.



Our Journey So Far…

We’ve been very quiet about our journey so far in Primary 5 but here are some of our ‘not so quiet’ activities!



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In the first two weeks of term we looked back over the Olympic Games and designed our own games in mixed groups from both classes.  The imagination and thought the children put into their design was wonderful.  Lots of games which appeared straightforward at first had hidden twists.  Yes the challenge was to throw a bean bag at a hoop, but some of the hoops were being defended.  Other hoops had varying points attached and some formed an assault course.  Well done to all the children for using such a variety of ideas and working so well in teams!

The Rainforest….

Primary 5 have been uplevelling their planning for topics this term. We thought about all that we knew about the rainforests and then worked in groups to collect our thoughts onto mind maps. We themed our maps mostly around trees.It was surprising how much we knew.