Primary 6 Blog (2016-17)


Scots Writers Presentations

P6 have been learning about Scottish writers: story writers, song writers and writers of poetry. Their challenge was to work in mixed groups from P6a and P6b to research, plan and present their new knowledge. First came the research and the planning stage. We learned about big selection of writers, including JK Rowling, Kenneth Grahame, Amy MacDonald and Barry Hutchison.

After some time the presentations began. We were very impressed by the creativity of pupils who shared their knowledge of their writer through everything from BBC news interviews, Deal or No Deal and The One Show to a classroom quiz and some time travel! We had moustaches, Proclaimers glasses and guitars, time machines and fact boxes. Ask the P6 pupils to share some of their fascinating facts and to show off their knowledge.

World Book Day Fun!

Happy World Book Day, in fact, happy Book Week! This week we have focussed on the author Michael Morpurgo and are loving his books so far. The culmination of book week has been our amazing and creative costumes. P6 were much more awesome than everyone else, of course! Have a closer look below.

Bottle Flipping Olympics

Bottle flipping is banned in Carrick Knowe, however Mr Hunter made one exception for Christmas! In PE, P6 had a Bottle Flipping Olympics where they were challenged to refine their motor skills and hand eye co-ordination to land their bottles on targets, in quoits, up stairs and even on curved chairs.

Miss Macaskill and Mrs MacLennan love a bit of music and challenged the classes to sing along to Christmas music as they flipped!

Goodbye Mrs Carter!

Hello everyone, it’s Mrs Carter here.

I’m writing this after the final bell has rung on my time here at Carrick Knowe and with you fabulous bunch in P6A.  I can’t thank you enough for the fabulous party that you organised for me.  It was such a fantastic surprise and I was finding it hard to keep the lump in my throat at bay.   Parents and Carers, your generosity in allowing your kids to bring all the fabulous treats in is very much appreciated.

I hope you all continue to challenge yourselves and make the most of the rest of your time at CKPS.

I’ll miss you all and thank you again.


^^^ I’m sure Mrs Grierson’s head moved in that video!

Biking Superstars!

P6 have been working with Sustrans for the last few weeks developing our skills riding and maintaining bikes.  We’ve been out in foul and fair weather (this is Scotland, after all!) and we have developed our skills out on the open road, signalling and riding graciously to keep ourselves and other road users safe.

We all learnt how to repair a puncture and check our bikes over to make sure that they are safe to ride.

To celebrate our skills and to find out more about the work of Sustrans we rode to their Edinburgh office in Haymarket where lots of different people shared their jobs and their passion for sustainable travel.

At the end we all felt proud, a bit tired and a little tender in the posterior!

Please help us to continue our good work on sustainable travel by thinking about how you come to school and, where possible, ditching the car for an eco-friendly and healthier mode of transport.

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Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000

We’ve been learning about multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.  We know that we can’t just ‘add’ or ‘take-away’ a zero.

After lots of hard work, some jumping around outside in the playground and some whoosing and whooping (get your child to demonstrate!) we were ready to show off our knowledge.

We worked together to create teaching videos using Explain Everything.   Have a watch!


P6 have been exploring our surroundings and are thinking about how we can classify the things we see around us.

We took a walk in the woods and collected many different items and then we worked in our cooperative groups to decide how we should sort them.  Some chose to do it depending on where the item grows, others on whether it was natural or man made.

We are going to continue to learn about classification, using plants as our stimulus.

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