Primary 7 Blog (2016-17)


Our Ceilidh

On Thursday 2nd February, we had a fantastic evening of dancing, music and poetry! The Primary 7 children joined with their family and friends for a superb ceilidh.

A big thanks to everybody who was able to make the night such a success… We must also give huge thanks to our pupil support assistants who spent the whole week baking, creating decorations, putting up lights and setting up the entire hall.

And the video… Who can you spot!?

P7 Camp @ Ardentinny!

Day 1

Sweets were banned from the bus within 30 minutes… The main reason being they had eaten the equivalent of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in this time!

We’re all here and safe. We were welcomed to the camp by the staff then had to try and make our beds before eating lunch!

We managed to have (a little) quiet time as we wrote in our diaries but it didn’t last for long… Our night time activities included a fun night walk!

Day 2

A full day of activities today which included archery, abseiling, climbing and rock hopping. Unfortunately we didn’t want our cameras wet during the major water activities however trust us when we say there were some hillarious scenes!

Canoeing was fun…

We also managed to have a bit of well-earned free time and the night activity included a spot of orienteering.

Day 3

Exhaustion is beginning to show for some campers – teachers included. That won’t stop us from our morning hoovering sessions though. Maybe this skill can be transferred to home!

The horrific weather is trying to spoil our fun… But it didn’t stop these abseilers. The worlds worst pantomime horse can also be seen below!

Our night time activity included a variety of challenges including Tangrams, Bowling, Go-Kart Making and Buildings A Tent!

And here’s some impressive Jenga Structures!

And finally… we had a couple of birthdays!

Day 4

It was final activity day today and what a wet one it was! Once again the kids were well up for the challenges and threw themselves right in… Sometimes literally!

It then came to one of the biggest events in the P7 calendar and that was the end of camp disco. We had plenty of make-up and hairdressing before the event and some awesome dance moves thrown afterwards!

Day 5

And there we have it… Our final morning at Ardentinny Centre. Cleaned up, packed up and off we go! There were some surprisingly clean dorms this week and those winners were announced on the bus. Never fear, there were also some horror shows!