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Scottish Maths Week!

This week Carrick Knowe celebrated Scottish Maths Week by taking part in a whole host of activities!

As a school we had a ‘Money’ focus and we’ve tackled this topic differently in the different stages of the school. For example, we had P2 visiting Mrs Rodgers’ shop, P3 creating their own shopping mall, P5 forming their own families (and having to pay rent), P6 learning how to handle taxes and P7 using websites to compare prices!

We have also focused on ‘Maths in the Real World’ and each stage were given an occupation to research to find out how maths is used in everyday jobs. P4 went one step further and invited their parents in for a ‘Q&A’ session about their jobs! Judging by all of their amazing questions, there are definitely some budding journalists amongst P4A!

As part of Maths Week, P7B arranged a ‘Maths Hunt’ for the school. They planned everything from the questions and locations to the honking of the hooter and handing out of the chocolate treat at the end!

Primary 1 also took part in their own Maths Hunt but, instead of answering algebra questions, it was their job to find a range of numbers which had been hidden in different parts of the P1 playground.

And even in Golden Time we had a bit of maths – with chess!