2019-2020 Archive


Carrick Knowe Cuppa!

3 weeks in and it was time for our first Carrick Knowe Cuppa of the year.

This was a chance for all of our teachers to nominate one member of their class (although Ms Pincock nominated two!) to celebrate their work with a member of the leadership team over a ‘cuppa’.

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Mrs Iley and Mr Morley were delighted to hear about all the exciting things and hard work that has been going on across the school – at the same time as joining in with a mug of hot chocolate!

JRSO Road Safety OfficerLaunch 2019

Today we attended the JRSO launch at the very grand city chambers. At the event we took part in four activities:

One of them we learnt all about air Pollution and how the things we do daily change the air quality.

The second activity was about parking in ‘smarter’ places. Over the next few weeks the JRSO team will be trying to reduce the amount of adults parking outside the school on the zigzag lines.

The third activity we learnt about how it’s important to try and walk, cycle or scoot to school when we can.

Our New School Values!

Word Art

Last session there was wide consultation with our whole school community to identify and agree our new school values. These were ‘revealed’ to the children at the end of last term.

Over the coming year we will be promoting these values, ensuring the school community is familiar with them and we will be thinking about what they look like in our daily lives here in Carrick Knowe.