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Mrs Dale’s ‘Good News’ Update!

When it was still the Autumn Season, we planted some daffodil and iris bulbs in our allotment bed. Before we planted the bulbs we had a good look at them and read the instructions on the boxes to learn how best to plant them. Over the Winter the bulbs should start to grow roots and shoots before Spring time comes when we hope they will produce lovely flowers like the ones in the pictures on the boxes…

Before planting some new bulbs in the allotment bed we harvested all of the last growing season’s onions (as in the pictures earlier in this Blog) and turned them into some delicious onion soup. We tasted some of the soup in school and took some home too, along with the recipe so that we could try making some healthy onion soup at home with some help from an adult….

Some of us in Primary 4 enjoyed using our spelling and reading skills while we played this great game. At first we worked by ourselves, before Teamwork Tina was pleased to see the fantastic teamwork and co-operation as we worked together to join up all the pieces of our word puzzle. Well done everyone!….

Wow! This person worked so hard to win as well as to read and write lots of the words in today’s game:

Those of us in Mrs Dale’s P5 group love playing a game of SWAP now and again; the card game helps us to increase our reading fluency as each SWAP game has a focus on a particular sound. We keep our Sound Chart handy at all times to remind us of those tricky sounds in words….

Some of us in P6 have worked collaboratively to create a super poem about Scotland’s Wildlife. We enjoyed watching and listening to some short films before creating a sketch to use as inspiration for some writing. We then used various ways to help one another to check and edit our writing, including Sound Charts, our fingers and computers… Finally, during Dyslexia Awareness Week Scotland, we talked about some of the things which can help us with our reading and spelling. One thing which came up was the use of coloured overlay ‘reading rulers’ so we tried some out as we read out our completed poem; we’re each appreciating using one of these now. Can you work out who has written each verse of our group poem below? Our initials are at the end of the poem. Well done everyone!…. 

P6 poem 001P6 poem 002

We recently welcomed Alex to help us in our joint P3/P6 Wednesday afternoon group where we appreciate his great support as we enjoy various literacy activities, with a focus on improving our reading fluency. Practice makes progress…. well done everyone…. 

Many of us practise our reading skills to improve our reading fluency by using the Toe by Toe’ reading book as well as increasing our ability to read the first 1000 most common words at sight. Teamwork Tina and all of us want to say a BIG THANK YOU to our many wonderful Pupil Support Assistants who help us with this workwithout their fantastic support and encouragement we would not be able to make such good, steady progress. Well done Isla, Abbie, Cameron, Becca, Kaitlyn, Rachael, Dylan and Jacob who all work hard at some point most days to practice their reading using any or all of: the Toe by Toe book, booklets or lists of the most Common Words, a reading book…. keep up the super effort! YOU CAN DO IT! Special Congratulations from our Superhero Achieving Alfie went to Dylan and Rachael who recently completed reading the first 1000 most common words with confidence. One of them also had the chance to enjoy a Carrick Knowe Cuppa with Mrs MacLean….  😉