COVID OVER EASTER: If your child receives a positive test result for Covid-19 during the holidays, then please contact the City of Edinburgh Contact Centre by calling 0131 200 2000.

A Snapshot From Mrs Dale’s Blog…

We have been busy planting …

….runner bean, climbing bean, butternut squash and courgette seeds!

We hope our young seedlings and plants will survive the Easter Holiday. We have asked kind Mr Millar to help us to water them sometimes. Please come back to visit our BLOG after the holiday to see how they have grown and changed! Will they survive?!

While we were working at the allotment we enjoyed spying on some ladybirds, making labels for our anemone flower bulbs and seeing lots of our daffodils flowering – we planted them in November.


Have a lovely break from school! See you back at CKPS on Tuesday 20th April. Mrs Dale ps Challenging Charlie has become April’s CKPS Superhero of the Month; he says WELL DONE to this person for creating and writing an Easter Acrostic Poem: