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“That’s All Folks!”

What a year that was!

And just like the end of every year, we had to say an emotional goodbye to our wonderful Primary 7s. We were unable to have parents in the grounds today to watch the children being piped out however we’ve put together a short video below.

It may have seemed all ‘Doom and Gloom’ at times but there were still PLENTY OF MEMORIES to be had and our highlights reel below shows just a snapshot of these!

And here is a video from the staff to give you a bit of a laugh – to the tune of “Sweet Caroline”!

The second part of the video also includes a special goodbye to Mrs Moir, who has left Carrick Knowe after 19 years at the school.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Mrs Buchanan who has once again worked her magic with her creativeness, her tech skills and her bossing us about until we do as we’re told!

Wishing all of our parents, carers and pupils a very restful holiday – you deserve it!

Sports Day(s) &
Race for Life


It was quite a different Sports Day this year with the absence of parents and also each year group having to complete the activities separately. Nevertheless we still had some great fun!

A huge thank you to all of our P7s who have helped to create, organise and set-up each of the activities. You’ll find the final results within the pictures below and more information about our Race for Life further down the page.

And here’s P1 celebrating their successes at Sports Day too with all of their medals!

Race for Life

As well as Sports Day, each of our classes were out on Tuesday for our Race for Life 3K run! Thanks to your generous donations and sponsors we have raised well over £1100 for Cancer Research UK. This is a tremendous amount which is going to such a worthwhile cause. THANK YOU!

Our P1 and P7 Assemblies

Kings of Maths!

We love maths at Carrick Knowe and for the first time this year, we entered the UK Junior Maths Challenge – a challenge not usually entered by Primary Schools.

We are delighted to announce that all 5 of our entrants earned themselves a certificate including 2 GOLD AWARDS and 1 BRONZE AWARD!

The boys did an amazing job, constantly pushing themselves to the absolute limits – WELL DONE!

If you fancy trying out some of the questions we’ve included some below. WARNING: they’re not for the faint hearted!

He doesn’t like to moan… but Mr Morley entered this challenge every year when he was in High School and never got anywhere near a Gold, Silver or Bronze!

Introducing our new cluster Equality, Diversity and Anti-Bullying policy.

Here are two of our P7s to tell you everything you need to know!

It was World of Work Week!

Last week we had a whole school focus on ‘The World of Work’. This included looking at whole range of jobs in different sectors and seeing what knowledge and skills we would need in the future.

Here is a snapshot of what we got up to!

Our JRSOs say:
‘March to school in March’

Usually in April we take part in the Big Pedal where we cycle/scoot to school. However, due COVID-19 restrictions, the location of our bike racks and the one way system, we will not be taking part this year. The JRSO team ask that everyone continues to leave their bikes and scooters at home for now. We look forward to this changing soon!

Instead we are looking to encourage as many staff and pupils to march (walk) to school from the 15th March until Easter. The teachers will take a daily tally of everyone who walked to school and the winning class over the coming weeks will get 15 minutes extra break!

Do you normally get dropped off? Lampacre Road continues to be closed to cars which gives everyone even more of a reason to walk the last part of the journey to school!

We look forward to seeing EVERYONE marching to school in March!

It was World Book Day and here was the staff effort!

It is always a highlight in the Carrick Knowe calendar, and this year was no different!

£1 Book Tokens

World Book Day 2021 Announcements - World Book Day

This year we are going virtual with the £1 book tokens. If you would like one then please click on the link below

£1 book token

There are some fantastic £1 books on offer this year. For more information on all of this year’s books and how to use your token, please visit http://www.worldbookday.com


Reading gives us someplace to go | Classroom quotes, Reading classroom,  Classroom posters

It was CK Digital Safety Week!

Safer Internet Day was last week but as we were all on holiday we’re having it this week instead!

At Carrick Knowe, we believe that knowing how and why we need to stay safe online is an important aspect of our curriculum.

When using the internet, it is really important to behave towards others just as you would if you were with them in real life.

Treat others online (and in real life) the way in which you want to be treated. Be kind, honest, respectful and responsible.

Story Time #2

Below is a story about how 2 little goats used a mobile phone to take silly photos and send hurtful messages to the troll. They were not kind when using the internet and they hurt a lot of others when they thought they were “just having fun”.

Once you have listened to the story, have a think about the questions below:

  • Why did the little goat not tell his parents about finding the mobile phone?
  • Who did the little goat upset when playing with the mobile phone?
  • How did the troll feel when he received the messages?
  • What advice would you give to the Troll?
  • What advice would you give to the little goats?

Keep your eyes peeled on the website on Wednesday for our next story from our own ICT guru, Mr Morley. #Goldilocks

Online Privacy

What information should you keep private? Your personal information is really important and you need to know how to keep it safe when using the internet.

Your personal information includes your name, address, school, date of birth, passwords etc. You need to make sure that all settings are set to “Private” to ensue your information is safe and that no one else has access to it. If you can use a pseudonym (a fake name) then you should!

Never release ANY personal information if it is not essential. If you are unsure then ask a grown up.

As well as this page, we also have the ‘Digital Safety’ page on our website which can be found by going to the ‘Our Curriculum’ menu item and then choosing ‘Digital Safety’. Alternatively you can just click here.

Mrs Clark’s Scottish Cook Along!

Back by popular demand…our in-house chef Mrs Clark is back with another very delicious cook along(with a Scottish twist!)

Celebrating Success
@ Carrick Knowe

It seems a lifetime ago since we were able to do sociable things such as our ‘Carrick Knowe Cuppas’. Here’s a couple of pictures we found from our last one back in February. A quick note: he gave us permission to use these!