At Carrick Knowe Primary School, lots of Outdoor Learning is taking place across most areas of the curriculum.

Maths lessons include directions, compass work, fractions, time, shape, arrays, grid references, data handling.

Science and Stem challenges have seen lessons building dens, beaver dams, birds’ nests, mini rafts, identifying and measuring trees, investigating snow, fire lighting, taking weather recordings, making bird feeders and taking part in the RSPB Big Bird Watch.

In Art and Literacy, classes have created fairy tale settings, drawn mandalas, used natural materials to make patterns and created autumn art. In music, they have used natural sounds to percuss songs.

P.E. has seen orienteering, Highland Games and tree climbing.

In Social Sciences, children have built Viking long ships, played games from WW2, built dens with castle features and drawn maps.

On the allotment, children have examined mini beasts in the log pile and learnt to compost. They have planted, weeded and harvested a large variety of fruit and vegetables.