On Thursday 20th April, local sculptor Ronnie Rae came in to work with Primary 5A. Ronnie is a local artist, living in Edinburgh. He has worked all his life carving granite by hand and you may recognise two of his most famous local sculptures, the Lion of Scotland in St. Andrews Square and the Cramond Fish, on the beach between Cramond and Silverknowes.

Ronnie is now 77 years old and no longer able to carve granite, as he has arthritis in his hands. However, he still creates art, usually using materials that other people discard, such as painting on cardboard boxes and old suitcases. He also paints sticks, and this is what he came in to show P5A on Thursday.

P5A enjoyed the visit enormously, and even though he wasn’t able to stay on to meet P5B, they were also inspired by his story and his work. We all had a go at painting sticks ourselves and our results are amazing. Thank you Ronnie!