We have been spending time getting to know each other better over the last week and a half. One activity was sharing some objects we brought in from home which would tell the rest of the class a little bit more about us. It was so interesting to see what everyone brought in.

They did so well talking clearly, listening to each other and asking questions.

We all have RIGHTS. In P4 we have been talking about 5 particular rights that we are focussing on this year at CKPS. We have talked about what these rights mean in school and how everyone in our classroom will protect and respect these rights. All our ideas are now displayed on our CLASS CHARTER as a constant reminder and are linked to our School Values.

The theme we chose is ‘Little Monsters’.

The Iron Man

P4 have started reading The Iron Man as their class novel. The children are all really enjoying the book and there will be lots of exciting activities linked to the book happening this term. One of our first activities was creating these lovely pieces of art work showing a scene from the novel. The class used their skills of tearing, cutting and sticking to create their masterpieces.