Thursday 31st August

The month of AUgust is ending, so the season of AUtumn is beginning!

As you can see, Skye the Scarecrow enjoyed some company this week …

Are you able to spot the orange AU sound on our Edinburgh Sound Chart ? Can you think of any other words with this sound ? There are not many of them!

By this time next week, some of us will have harvested the onions which were planted last AUtumn – that’s almost a year ago; soon we will become chefs and follow a recipe to turn the onions into some tasty, healthy soup!

AUtumn is a season for HARVESTING as well as PLANTING. After harvesting the onions next week, many of us will be helping to PLANT some BEE and BUTTERFLY friendly bulbs …

We will have to read and follow the instructions carefully. All being well, the yellow crocus will be the first to flower towards the end of WINTER, closely followed by the light purply blueish muscari in early SPRING. The dark pink allium should be next, towards the end of SPRING and finally, the pretty lighter pink flowers with a rather long name! (as in the picture above) should bloom next SUMMER!


Fred Frog is looking forward to meeting some of his new P3 friends next week. He knows he has a lot of RESPONSIBILITY to support his pupils to live and learn well! …

Can you believe it?! … We’re nearly at the end of our third busy week at school following the SUMMER holiday.

See you soon, 😊 Mrs Dale