It has been a busy start to Primary 5 but we have started to settle into the rhythm of the new school year. Here are some of the amazing things we have been up to so far:

Our learning context: Our Senses🧠👂👁️

We have been learning about how our bodies work, including its systems and sensory organs. We have made skeletons and learned the names of some of our bones, explored some our sensory organs and made detailed drawings of how our ears work, examined the effect of exercise on our heart pulse, and tested our taste and smell through sensory experiments!

Book Festival Trip 📚

P5 had a fun trip to the Book Festival, where we had the privilege of hearing Barbara Henderson talk about and read from her book ‘Rivet Boy’. We found out some interesting facts about the Forth Bridge and how it was constructed. Some of us were lucky enough to get up on stage and take part in some interactive activities too.

Other Highlights✨🪩

Although we have only been back for a couple of weeks, we have already crammed in so much. Here are some highlights from P5 so far…