Friday 8th September

Fred Frog enjoyed such a variety of activities this week… some indoors, and some outdoors, sometimes in summer sunshine and sometimes in autumn mist!

Also this week, many of us began to read some lovely new books which the Parent Council kindly helped us to purchase last session. Halfway through our lessons we had a short ‘brain break’ and enjoyed a tasty piece of apple from one of our CKPS allotment trees.

Another activity this week involved many of us reading and following instructions to plant flower bulbs. We’ll now have to wait until another AUTUMN and WINTER have passed before we can look forward to seeing our bulbs flower in SPRING 2024!

Last but by no means least! … CONGRATULATIONS 👏 to all our pupils with their new roles and responsibilities as House or Sports Captains, and also to those who were rewarded with a GOOD NEWS postcard for showing at least one of our CKPS School Values this week! 😊