P2 went on the bus to the Book Festival. We went to an event with author Philip Reeve and illustrator Sarah McIntyre.

They have written the book ‘Adventure Mice – Otter Chaos’. When we arrived we were all given a drawing pad and a pencil, it was very exciting!

Philip and Sarah talked to us about writing a book and creating the characters. We were introduced to the main character Pedro. We had a go at drawing Pedro and then created our own adventure mice when we were back at school.

They talked about how to get ideas for all the things that happen in a book. To give us ideas of what we could write about we played a game. Sonny was chosen to roll the giant dice! The children in the audience came up with ideas of what the mice could come across when going from mouse island to mouse island. While everyone was giving Philip the ideas, Sarah was drawing them! At the end, they very kindly gave us the game to take back to school. We have very proudly displayed it outside P2B.

After working hard to come up with ideas and to draw mice, we had a snack before returning to school with a copy of the book each! What a great adventure!