Primary 1b have been very busy the last few weeks, we’ve been learning about patterns in Maths and have had fun creating our own with objects in the class, using our bodies and musical instruments to create patterns, and playing games on the Smartboard. We enjoyed making our own Mandala circle pattern with a partner.

In P.E we’ve been increasing our fitness and developing our gross motor skills while driving cars, flying broomsticks, riding horses and protecting underwater gems.

P7 buddies

We had a great time with our buddies, exploring our school Allotment, we had to complete a Scavenger hunt, then we went to our orchard and picked some apples.


We love to Play in Primary 1 this is where we lead our own learning and develop important skills such as,

Focusing, Integrity, Curiosity, Independent thinking, Risk taking, Decision making, Self Motivation, Responsibility, Communication, Empathy, Collaborating, Leadership and Creativity.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been builders, engineers, zoo keepers, farmers, bakers, vets and doctors.

It’s not a box……

Finally we also became book creators, having read It’s not a box we’ve had lots of fun with boxes. It’s not a box………. it’s a house, bed, puppy, puppy bed, den, farm.