Out at the allotment this week, we tried to guess what might be hiding underground. We smelt the leaves – but that didn’t help us! So we carefully pulled up the green leaves, and look what we found … how exciting! …

After the carrot 🥕 HARVEST we set to work PLANTING some red onions – those of us now in P5 might be in P6 by the time our red onions are ready to HARVEST! We needed to use our READING SKILLS to READ the INSTRUCTIONS, as well as our MATHS MEASURING SKILLS:

THANK YOU to all those who recently contributed to telling and displaying part of our CKPS allotment ‘story’:

If you’re passing by the CKPS allotment later this week, on your way to or from Parent/Carer Consultations, why not take a little detour to see the Bee🐝 Friendly bed, or Skye the Scarecrow’s bed? In other beds, you will see that there are tomatoes 🍅, beans 🫘 and peas 🫛 growing; the super sunflowers 🌻 still provide a great splash of colour even though the wind 💨 has made most of them horizontal rather than vertical (!). If your child is with you perhaps they will give you a wee tour? That’s all for now, Mrs Dale