This session’s DYSLEXIA CHAMPIONS have been busy preparing a DYSLEXIA TOOLKIT for each P3 to P7 class. We hope to have them ready early next month, in time for DYSLEXIA AWARENESS WEEK.

And now …. look who has been CELEBRATING SUCCESS for ‘wider achievement’ out of school:

By the time you’re reading this, I will have met or spoken on the telephone with most parents/carers of my pupils.

Have a great weekend, ahead of our last week at school before we enjoy our October Holiday Week – ALREADY! Yes, time flies when you’re enjoying yourself! 😊 Mrs Dale

ps if you don’t know this already…. and in case it may be helpful to you or to someone you know…. you can now view the CKPS website in many other languages! Why not have a go? I was interested to try out the following languages: Vietnamese, Swahili and Tamil. So, on a mobile phone or tablet try this:

Or if using a desktop, try this: