In P2B, we have been learning our our bodies. We started by thinking about what we already know. We drew around James and added on all the bits of the body that we could think of!

From this, we thought about what questions we have. What do we want to find out about? Here are our big questions…

We started off by thinking about our skeleton. We learned lots of facts about our bones and skeleton. We have a skeleton friend but he doesn’t help much as his skull keeps falling off!

Our next question was about the blood. What job does the blood do and how does it get around the body? We made our own blood to show that there are 4 parts to our blood.

Your blood has plasma (painty water), red blood cells (cheerios), white blood cells (marshmallows) and platelets (bits of paper straw). We learned a song that tells us how the blood gets all around your body. Join in!

Our major organs were next! Can you name all 7? P2B can! We got together in our four houses and made a poster to show all 7 major organs.

We wanted to learn more about these organs. Here is a quick tour of the body!
The brain 🧠 The brain is full of neurons that help us to learn and do new things. What would you like to do or know?

Did you know that your heart pumps about 5 litres of blood around your body? We made a model heart!

Next we moved on to the lungs. We used straws and paper bags and balloons to make model lungs. We learned that lots of running about means we need to get lots of oxygen into our body by breathing deeply!

We have started to think about the ways to keep our brilliant bodies healthy and working at their best. We all know we need to wash our hands and keep things clean but do we do a good job? Mrs Mac tested us by putting some magic powder on our hands or our desk and we had to do our best at cleaning! She shone a uv light over our hands and desks and if we saw the powder shine blue then we didn’t do as good a job as we thought! Get scrubbing everyone!

We are loving learning about our brilliant bodies. Luckily our class doctors and dentists are helping whether there is an injury (don’t worry, no real ones!). Look out for the next blog post to update on our teeth and how we are going to keep our bodies healthy.