Some tasty bowls of tomato salsa were the result of our work in P4 and P6 this week. We were learning about the concept of ‘food miles’ and by using the tomatoes Ms Pincock and her gardening teams harvested from our polytunnel, kept the food miles to about 100 metres! That was great for us, great for the planet and showed how homegrown food is the best. We learned how to chop tomatoes using a ‘claw hold’ with our knives to keep our fingers safe and we balanced the flavours of our salsa by adding lime juice for sour and honey for sweet. Some added chopped chilli, giving their mix a kick!

As well as caring for the planet by being aware of food miles, P4 had a visit this week by Vikki, from the SSPCA. She spoke to us about biodiversity and we explored how various native Scottish animals live and survive in our various habitats. We made up Lego based jigsaw puzzles of animals and then matched them with the correct habitat.

Don’t they look pleased!