Primary 4A got a shock a few weeks ago. We arrived in school to find that our Monster Mascots, Sully and Mike had disappeared. But where had they gone?

They had left behind various clues. A marshmallow igloo, that had be made the week before, had been destroyed and half eaten. There was marshmallow smeared all over our classroom door and the door leading out to the car park. There was also a trail of marshmallows down the corridor. On the shelf where they had been sitting, we found a book all about the Arctic with a bookmark at the page all about polar bears.

We came to the conclusion that they must have been listening in to all our learning on hot and cold deserts and decided to go off on an adventure of their own to find polar bears in the Arctic. We were very worried about them.

To let the school and the wider community know about Sully and Mike’s disappearance we decided to write Newspaper Articles.

It has taken us three weeks to perfect our articles and to make sure we were including all the success criteria needed for a successful and engaging article. We were all very proud of the results and are hoping Sully and Mike return safely from their adventures soon.