… from a tiny snail to a giant sunflower!

This week at CKPS we’ve been celebrating ‘ALL THINGS MATHS’! As lots of us know, while we’ve been out at the allotment this term, we’ve often needed to use some of our MATHS SKILLS.

The language of SIZE is often used when we’re out at the allotment, such as comparing OPPOSITES like LITTLE/LARGE, TINY/HUGE, SMALL/BIG. We often see TINY creatures enjoying our produce:

HOLIDAY AHEAD! I hope everyone enjoys the next 10 days, whether you’re off on an adventure away from home, or enjoying some rest and relaxation with friends and family in and around Edinburgh. Fred Frog and I will not be going far this time but we ARE looking forward to the short break from school before we WELCOME everyone back to CKPS on Tuesday 24th October. 😊🐸 Have fun! Mrs Dale