Primary 5 have had a packed term full of exciting activities. Here is a snapshot of this we have been up to in our final few weeks of Term One:

PE – Fitness 💪🏃

We have been learning how to keep ourselves fit and healthy through exercise. In teams, the P5s designed and delivered a fitness circuit that needed to include aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility-focused exercises. We had great fun trying each other’s out!

Science – Light and dark, pitch 🔦🎶

Continuing with our learning context for this term (“Our Senses”), we learned about formations of shadows and the properties of light, and used this to create shadow puppets. We were also lucky to be visited by one of Mr Wallace’s neighbours who lives with a visual impairment. He talked about his guide dog, Roscoe, and how he uses a cane when navigating his way around. It was a very interesting afternoon and the pupils asked some great questions.

We also learning about how soundwaves can affect pitch (high and low sounds). We experimented with this using tuned percussion instruments and composed some of our own pieces with a combination of high and low notes.

French – Numbers 🇫🇷🔢

During Maths Week Scotland, we challenged ourselves to learn the numbers to 100 in French! Once we’d learned the words for the 10s up to 100, we were able to use our existing knowledge to fill in the gaps for the rest of the numbers. Bravo, P5!

Hope you all have a lovely holiday, whatever you get up to, and look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!

Mr Brewer and Mr Wallace