Maths week in P6 has been very exciting! We have been focusing on patterns.

Patterns can help us learn maths facts. We have been working on multiplication – focusing this week on prime and square numbers.

In class, we made patterns to prove if numbers were or were not prime numbers. We tried to make squares and rectangles using arrays to show that they were not a prime numbers. This helped us work out the factors of the multiple. (Remembering that a prime number only a has the factors 1 and itself!)

The next day we made square numbers again using arrays.

Later in the week, we went into nature and showed what we have learned about prime and square numbers using natural objects and we even used ourselves to show square numbers!

We finished the week on a high when both classes did so well in the Sumdog challenge! It got VERY competitive between the two P6 classes as we battled it out to the top! I think some of us were dreaming about Sumdog after doing so many questions. Well done P6. LOTS of hard work has been done this week.