This week primary 2 had a focus of looking at maths in art. We explored lots of different artists’ work and identified all the maths elements we could see. We then created our own masterpieces throughout the week!

On Monday we looked at Wassily Kadinsky’s concentric circles. We spotted there was 7 circles and 7 colours. We then created our own concentric circles with crayon and paint. We joined them together to create this group art!

On Tuesday we looked at Pablo Picasso’s work. We noticed that in many of his faces the had an odd placement. We decided to use numbers for the body parts when creating our own and turned Picasso into Mathasso!

On Wednesday we took part in the Maths shape hunt lead by P7’s. We hunted around the school grounds spotting as many shapes as we could find – there was a lot!

We also looked at Piet Mondrian’s abstract art. We saw how he created his art work using squares and rectangles and only using primary colours. We then created our own digital Mondrian art on the iPads with our partners.

On Thursday we looked at Paul Klee’s 2D shape art. We saw how he created his art from using 2D shapes to create a cityscape. We then created our own cityscapes by tracing round a range of different 2D shapes. We then coloured them in with a range of colours to make our shape art pop!