This special week is about helping those of us who have DYSLEXIA to help ourselves …

… as well as about helping those who don’t have DYSLEXIA to understand how it feels for family or friends who DO have DYSLEXIA, and what we can do to help them.

You may wish to take a look at the Powerpoint slides for DYSLEXIA AWARENESS WEEK – there are 13 of them. Slides 11 and 12 provide links to short films (3 or 4 minutes for each one) which some of you may have seen previously:

And, new for this year, below is a link to a 5-minute film showing Hearts’ manager, Steven Naismith, talking about his dyslexia (just in case you’re wondering … the date at the end of the film is for Dyslexia Awareness Week, England).

Steven Naismith, talks about his dyslexia.

Currently, some of us are enjoying using ideas and suggested activities from the book pictured below – earlier this year, thanks to DYSLEXIA SCOTLAND, every primary school in Edinburgh was provided with a copy of … MISSION DYSLEXIA! …

You can find the leaflets below as hard copies in school or you can also find them on the CKPS website here: Additional Support – Carrick Knowe Primary School

Only 5 more days to go until the end of OCTOBER, and the start of NOVEMBER, and …


That’s all for now, except to say MANY THANKS to our CKPS DYSLEXIA CHAMPIONS for all their excellent help and hard work, 👍 Mrs Dale 👋