At CKPS we have so many different ways to RECOGNISE PROGRESS and CELEBRATE SUCCESS

It was Dr Seuss, the American author, who once said: “The more that you READ, the more things you will know. The more that you LEARN, the more places you’ll go.”

This week some of us have learned more about the city of LIVERPOOL while reading Roger McGough’s adventure story ‘I Never Liked Wednesdays’ – it’s about two friends from LIVERPOOL who get into all sorts of mischief. To find out more about LIVERPOOL, we shared what we already knew, 🚢🎤🎸🎵⚽️, and used the internet, as well as our reading books.

Following on from what we talked about during DYSLEXIA AWARENESS WEEK, we decided to show some of our learning by creating MIND MAPS – we’ll be able to add more to these as we keep on reading each week … so far SO GOOD! 😊 …

Everyone ♥️s a game of SWAP! The game we played this week, helped increase our skills and confidence to read and spell words with a hard or soft ‘g’ sound. One of the main characters in our book is called M-i-dge. We used our skimming and scanning reading skills to find, and then finger spell, several soft ‘g’ words in the text, including i-m-a-gi-ne and v-oy-a-ge

Others of us reached an exciting moment while reading ‘Thin Ice’ by Chris Powling. It’s another of the fantastic new books we have in school this session which have a dyslexia-friendly layout, typeface and paper, so that even more children can enjoy reading the stories.

One of the main characters in ‘Thin Ice’, Pete, knows that you shouldn’t walk on ice but a dog is stuck out there on the boating pond! Pete has to help … what can he do? Why not ask your child to talk about what’s happened so far in this gripping story …

In another group’s book, ‘Fox Friend’ by Michael Morpurgo, the main character is Claire; her life can be a bit lonely and so she is delighted when she tames an injured fox cub. But Claire’s dad says that foxes are vermin, and not welcome on his farm – see if your child can tell you about what’s happened so far in this thought-provoking story.

After reading the next chapter together, we improved our skimming and scanning reading skills – we had to find, then finger spell and finally add some more words beginning or ending with ‘th’ to our lists, while at the same time practising our joined-up handwriting! We did well to meet the challenges, and then we had fun playing SWAP, one of our favourite games, which also helps to reinforce our reading and spelling skills! …

Fred Frog and his P3 friends have been busy reading, finger spelling and writing green ee/What can you sEE? words, as well as white igh/fly high words and adding some more leaves to our Sound Tree; one of us was so hoping the dice would land on a number 3 to make 4-in-a-row to win our ay/ee/igh word game … and … guess what?! … she was LUCKY! 😉🐸

As we all know, it has been a week of very wet and windy weather. Before long our colourful AUTUMN 🍂 cherry trees will look more WINTRY as they lose all their pretty leaves, and show us the shapes of their bare branches.

I hope you enjoy the weekend after yet another busy and productive week at CKPS! Mrs Dale 😊