It’s probably raining! In P2B we have been learning about the weather.

After watching a weather forecast online, we decided to make a tv studio.

With a lot of hard work…welcome to BBC Carrick Knowe…

To be weather a presenter, you need to write the weather forecast. Over the past few weeks we have been writing weather reports. A weather report needs to say WHEN we will see this weather, WHAT the weather will be like and WHERE in the country it will happen.

Have we remembered these 3 things to be successful weather reporters?

This autumn, we explored the weather outside and took advantage of a sunny day to look at the leaves. We choose leaves that were different colours and shapes and then used paint to try to recreate one of our leaves. We learned about colour mixing and adding white to try to get the exact colour of the leaf.

Then it rained…and rained…and rained…so we learned about the rain!

After enjoying our leaf art, we were inspired by Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s ‘The Umbrellas’ and Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Landscape Under Turbulent Skies’. We used watercolours to create our own umbrellas with stormy skies. We learned that to make the colour lighter, you add more water and to make it darker you need more paint. Look at our fabulous painting!

Part of our learning about the weather has been to think about the impact on our lives. When it rains the main impact for us is to wear wellies and use an umbrella! Inspired by an image that Mrs Canning used at assembly, we made some rain drip art. We drew a silhouette of ourselves under an umbrella, covered it up with paper and tape and dripped on rain (paint) using a pipette. When the paint was dry we took off the paper and tape to reveal ourselves, nice and dry under the umbrellas! Success!

As part of our resilience programme, we have been thinking about what we can do to ‘take a moment’ when things get tough. We decided to go outside and found a dry day to look at the clouds. We read a book called ‘Breathe With Bruce’ which reminds us to take a moment by taking deep breaths. When you take a moment and look at the clouds, what do you see?

After the rain and when the sun appears, you often get a rainbow. Did you know there are seven colours in the rainbow? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Look at the amazing rainbow we made using things we found in our classroom…