Padel tennis is a new form of tennis that’s a bit like tennis and squash combined. It’s fast, fun and exercises the whole body and mind. Primary 4 and Mrs Kane were joined by Ryan Harrower to learn a bit more about it and to practise some of the skills necessary to play. We all came away pink in the face and excited by the challenges we faced. Just look at these activities…

We will be practising these and more skills over the next couple of weeks.

Time for quiet reading. Just look at how comfy this is…we love reading. It was chosen as a favourite activity for relaxation.

Some partner work in maths

We have been discovering that we can add in lots of different ways. We can use counters, number lines, number squares, written sums and we can check our work with a partner.


Groups were chosen at random and our challenge was to work co-operatively to build a boat which would float. We had a maximum number of 25 Lego bricks to use. We had to stop when we recognised that the task was getting frustrating and help our team members find solutions to the problems. Mrs Bennett said we were fab!

Not all the boats kept afloat and one even capsized. A team member said that it didn’t matter because it had been the best looking boat! Great resilience!