Additional Support Blog (2017-18)


As promised…. meet Fred Frog’s friend…. Pecking Peter…

Here he is! ….. Fred Frog’s friends are pleased to introduce you to Pecking Peter.… 

RWInc Pecking Peter 2

Pecking Peter helps us with our handwriting. We have been learning how to read, spell and write words with the ‘b’ and ‘p’ sounds. Pecking Peter pecks all the way down his pole while we say and write as many sounds as we can before he gets all the way from the top to the bottom. Then we choose which one we think is our best; sometimes our partner chooses the best one for us. When Fred Frog does his homework, he also has a look at our writing and ‘tickles’ the best written sound with his pink highlighter pen

Perseverance Penny was really pleased with some of our writing this week. She and Pecking Peter were excited to know that we were learning about the first letter of their names!

September Update from Fred Frog!

What have we been learning with Fred Frog in our Read Write Inc group in September? Take a look below to find out how busy we’ve been!….

WALT (We Are Learning To) and WILF (What I‘m Looking For) share Fred Frog’s ‘Learning Intentions’ and expectations with us each week:


We ‘SAY, WRITE, MAKE, and DO’ by using a variety of ways to learn about letters and sounds, and to discover good ways to help us to spell words. Take a look at our slideshow to see us busy at the Smartboard, practising how to write letters so that we are ready to use joined up handwriting; we are learning that letters belong to a ‘family’, and each and every ‘baby’/lower case letter ‘starts on the line’: 

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Sometimes we use plasticine to ‘warm up’ our fingers before we write in our jotters:

Fred Frog loves to hear us saying the sounds of the letters as we practise writing them in our jotters. Pecking Peter sometimes helps us too – ask one of the Fred Frog pupils about Pecking Peter! Watch out for him appearing on this website sometime in the future! 

Fred Frog loves doing his homework each day – he likes using his stamps and stickers, as well as green and pink highlighter pens: green for growth – what can we improve next time?; pink for ‘tickled pink’ – what we’ve done well:

We often work with a partner; Fred Frog looks out for good partner work as we help each other and work as a team. Sometimes we are the ‘teacher’; sometimes we are the pupil while we work together with a partner to read our green wordsspeed sounds, stories and speed words. Our magic reading wands help us follow the letters and sounds:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We loved playing a game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ before we read a story called Pin it on!:

RWInc Pin tail on donkey

We use our fingers to help us ‘Fred Finger Spell’ words by sounding out the words and using one finger to represent each sound; we know that some sounds need two (or more) letters when we write them. After using our fingers to sound out the words we work with our partner to take turns to write them on a whiteboard and ‘dot and dash‘ them:

One day we had fun warming up our fingers using pipe cleaners to shape and make a letter of the week each. Then we worked together to put our letters together to make as many different words as possible.

The letter ‘f’ was quite a tricky one to write; it is one of only two letters (the other one is ‘j’) which enjoy being in the grass, the mud and the sky! Ask one of the Fred Frog pupils what this means if you’re not sure! We did some extra practice together on the big whiteboard:

RWInc f whiteboard

We use a different ‘celebration‘ each day to praise our partners and celebrate our learning

RWInc domino game croc celebration

After we played a game together, we enjoyed using the ‘crocodile clap’ to celebrate our learning.

If he has noticed some special effort or achievement, Fred Frog consults our CKPS superheroes and decides to put one of our names onto his special Purple Lily Pad; this means we can sit on Fred Frog’s special cushion that day: we might have been: focusing well for Focused Felicity, persevering for Perseverance Penny, being enthusiastic and well motivated for Motivated Mark, practising hard for Practising PollyAchieving Alfie loves to see our achievements each day in the Fred Frog group.

Now we’ve got our latest CKPS Superhero Creative Cameron, who is watching out for our good ideas too!

RWInc Arman lily pad

Fred Frog is looking forward to more exciting times and interesting activities with his P3/P4 friends! 🙂 

Fred Frog meets his new CKPS pupils! 

Fred Frog was delighted to meet his new pupils this week!
We were all excited to begin our learning journey with Fred.
He was really pleased with our efforts on our first day with him.
We quickly started to learn about MTYT (My Turn, Your Turn) and TTYP (Turn To Your Partner) as we worked with our partners.