Additional Support Blog (2018-19)


September success with Fred Frog and during some of our ASL lessons….

Sept 2018 RWInc and ASL pupils 034Fred Frog was excited to meet another new P3A friend at the end of his first hard-working week with P3A pupils. 

We enjoyed playing Snakes and Ladders together while using our ‘Fred Talk’/good sounding out strategy to read single words. 

WALT (We Are Learning To): say and read the phonemes/sounds: c o a d g q s, and write the graphemes as we say them, using joined-up writing. Pecking Peter and Fred Frog were both so impressed with our super effort and achievement – we’re sure you’ll agree when you take a look at our great handwriting with our clever illustrations for each letter in the above photos. Our CKPS Superhero Achieving Alfie felt proud of us too! 

We had such fun playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey ahead of working with our partners to read our first Ditty Story called Pin it on! Mrs Dale was particularly pleased with all the great partner work – we all enjoyed celebrating our successful first week with Fred Frog at CKPS! 

Which CKPS Growth Mindset superhero do you think helped some of our P4A/B pupils with some of their great learning during ASL lessons this September? Who can you spot doing what in the photo slideshow below….

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We’ve been so busy!…. playing a SWAP card game reading words beginning with blends such as cl and fl; writing as many words beginning with bl that we can think of ahead of working with our partner to read a story about Big Blob and Baby Blob! …. remembering and then writing a super sentence….. reading common words…. WELL DONE to some of our fantastically hard-working CKPS Primary 4 pupils!

Our wonderful Speech and Language Therapy Assistant Christine comes in to school sometimes to help some of us; recently two of our P5B pupils, Mrs Durie, one of our PSAs and Mrs Dale have been having fun using lego to help us to improve our vocabulary knowledge whilst giving, listening to, and then following, instructions. One September day we began a visit to Lego City; in the photo below you can see the engineer helping Fred Frog to give instructions to the builder to create one of Lego City’s characters; before we began we sorted and organised all the pieces available from the supplier. Whilst doing this we thought about the various colours, including the transparent pieces, and the many different words we can use to describe the shapes and sizes of lego pieces. Here we are in action: 

Sept 2018 RWInc and ASL pupils 037Well done to our P5B pupils …. great focus and perseverance….. our CKPS superheroes Felicity and Penny were nearby watching us and said we did a GREAT JOB! 🙂 Our recently introduced newest CKPS superhero Teamwork Tina was also very pleased to hear about this activity!

Back to work for Fred Frog!

FF gp Sept 2018 001

Fred Frog loved meeting 5 of his new P3 friends this week. He was so impressed with their good listening and great partner work; Fred can’t wait to get on with lots of exciting learning in the coming days and weeks. Take a look at this ASL (Additional Support for Learning) Blog now and again to see what surprises Fred Frog has in store for us all!

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FF gp Sept 2018 002

It’s September 2018 already…

…. and Fred Frog is looking forward to working with his new Primary 3 friends. Look out for some photos coming soon!

Parents of pupils who worked with me, Mrs Dale, the Additional Support for Learning (ASL) Teacher, last session, as well as pupils new to ASL who will be working with me this session, should have received a letter from me by now about plans for this session. 

If your child is still unsure of any of the following, some daily practice (little and often) will be a great support for him/her:

 * 7 days of the week

(including knowing the vocabulary: today is, yesterday was, tomorrow will be)

* 12 months of the year

(including knowing the vocabulary: this month is, last month was, next month will be)

* 4 seasons of the year

(including knowing their order and roughly which months belong to each season)

* 26 letters of the alphabet (the sounds first, and then the letter names too)

* 5 vowels: a,e,i,o,u (the sounds first, and then the letter names too)

 * full name, address, tel. no.

* birthday (date, month and year born)