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Fred Frog wishes everyone a really happy summer holiday time! He will look forward to getting back to work with some new P3 friends in September! 🙂 

Fred the Frog 2

We all enjoyed the amazing P7 Avengers Leavers’ AssemblE ! Good Luck at High School P7….. we will miss you at CKPS! 

Well Done Dylan for becoming an author while writing a wonderful adventure story  book about a boy called Roy and his alien friend Mors. 

Food, glorious food! What next is the question?!

Recently some of us have been such busy gardeners and chefs with Mrs McCormack and Mrs Dale. Watch the first slide show to see some of our allotment grown onions change into a delicious mini vegetarian meal. In the second slide show you will see one of our onions being used to make some tasty lentil soup. 

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Pay attenTION…..
It’s a celebraTION ! 🙂

Fred Frog had a really exciting morning at school….. he said: Pay attenTION….. it’s a celebraTION ! 🙂 We all enjoyed celebrating this year’s super effort and success in our Fred Frog group with our parents and grandparents. THANK YOU to our visitors for joining us to today and helping us all to have so much fun. 

RWInc Pay attention..... it's a celebration! May 2019 001

Can you see us reading our green words? We’re so good at using our Fred Talk/sounding out when we need to read a tricky word. Sometimes we can read words straight away! 

In the slideshow below you can see us sharing sound stories together. Fantastic reading! 

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After we read the stories we added some words to the leaves on our Sound Trees using our beautiful joined-up handwriting

Then it was time to play some literacy games…

Finally we shared some of our super writing with our family members. 

Fred Frog is going to miss his P3 friends but he is so pleased with everyone – PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS! We can do it! Yes we can! Fred Frog and Mrs Dale say WELL DONE for all your hard work in P3 boys and girls. Keep up the GOOD WORK  in P4. 

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Discover some GREAT spelling tips!

Teamwork Tina was really impressed with three of our Primary 6 pupils – she noticed them working and learning together as they had ‘GREAT‘ fun helping themselves to remember how to spell the word ‘great‘…..

P6 HI ED RK Spg 001The girls have been suggesting and trying out various different strategies to help themselves to remember how to spell words. 

P6 HI ED RK Spg 002Teamwork Tina as well as Mrs Ross and Mrs Dale have been impressed with the effort and creativity as well as the great teamwork. WELL DONE! 🙂 

P6 HI ED RK Spg 003

Celebrating Success!

Our CKPS Superheroes are pleased to be able to CONGRATULATE two of our P4 pupils this month…. take a look at the slides to see who has been noticed for their hard work and determination to succeed…. 

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Can You Believe It?!

Fred Frog and his P3 friends have been busy learning how to read words with the ci and ti sounds. We have learned that the ci and ti graphemes (the way we write sounds/phonemes) say the same as the sh grapheme. Our CKPS Superhero Challenging Charlie has been challenging us to read some really tricky words like delicious and scrumptious! Can you believe it?! We had some fun celebrating our hard work and success by baking some delicious gingerbread men biscuits….. they tasted scrumptious and hopefully some of our family members enjoyed tasting them too!

P3 and P5 Love ASL Literacy Buddy times…

ASL Literacy buddy info 001

Fred Frog’s P3 friends are really enjoying Literacy Buddy times with their P5 Reading buddies. We practise reading our green and red words; we enjoy reading and listening to stories together; we add words to our phonic sound trees; we play literacy games; we celebrate our success and PRAISE OUR PARTNERS; WE HAVE A LOT OF FUN!

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Learning can be such fun!

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P4 and P6 Pupils Impress Teamwork Tina…

Our CKPS Superhero Teamwork Tina really enjoyed seeing us all work well as a team when we met up and enjoyed time reading and playing a literacy game with our ASL Literacy Buddies. WELL DONE everyone!

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Dr Seuss said: You can find magic wherever you look! Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!

Find out what Jaimé , Tara and Ben have been upto recently…..

Our Growth Mindset CKPS Superhero Challenging Charlie enjoys celebrating success! Well Done Jaimé !

Tara and Ben have been busy at the allotment. Tara started work at her allotment bed way back in the Autumn time. She has been busy recording the changes to the bulbs she planted in her allotment diary. Recently Ben has been helping her with some weeding. We have enjoyed seeing the crocus flowers blooming, a sign that we will soon say Goodbye to Winter time once more and Spring will soon be here! 

And here are a few photos of the crocus bulbs Tara has been growing indoors:

CKPS Superhero Creative Cameron loved this lesson with Fred Frog…. 

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Fred Frog is feeling so pleased with everybody’s progress reading lots of  his tricky green words…. we have each been working and trying hard to do our best and Fred Frog has noticed how we are now more confident to tackle tricky words and read words at sight more often. 

RWInc Green words AR FF

Fred Frog loves it when his partner helps him to sound out each tricky phoneme sound in a word before he can then read the word….

Perseverance Penny Celebrates!

Our Growth Mindset Superhero of the Month for January was Perseverance Penny….. she was delighted to give out a few certificates to some of our P5 ASL pupils; P5C’s member of Mrs Clark’s Growth Mindset Mob came along to sign the special certificate for our proud and pleased hardworking, persevering pupil who produced some super writing about a lost tortoise. Mrs Dale and Perseverance Penny say: well done….. ‘you found a new route and gave frustration the boot’ as Perseverance Penny says in her motto! 

Fred Frog had a ‘nice smile’ when he…

… saw his P3 friends enjoying learning all about two more sounds this week: a-e (make a cake) and i-e (nice smile). Our CKPS Superhero Motivated Mark noticed just how enthusiastic we were to both make and taste the cakes. 🙂 And Focused Felicity watched how well we concentrated when we were decorating our cakes with ‘nice smiles’, as well as when we were reading our a-e words. Here we are enjoying the final stages of decorating our cakes:

FF gp a-e i-e

We had to look for rhyming ‘a-e’ words all around our classroom with our partners; then we enjoyed using one of Fred Frog’s celebrations to celebrate our success because we found and read all our rhyming ‘a-e’ words: plate, late, gate, date, hate, rate….. cake, lake, shake, take, make, bake…. same, came, blame, frame, lame, name.

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Fred Frog and Black Hat Bob go fishing with their friends….

This week we had fun doing some fishing with our pirate friend Black Hat Bob and Fred Frog….. poor Black Hat Bob was wishing for a fish to go with his chips for his tea…. he waited and waited until at last he was excited to feel a tug on his rod…… but …… oh dear….. what a disappointment….. he had fished up a smelly old wet sock…… not a delicious tasty fish! He did not fancy eating sock and chips for his tea! 

Fred Frog was so proud of all the wonderful ideas and great team work when we were having fun doing some role play together after we read the story. We then went on to do some super writing about fish – in the photos below you can see us reading our great writing to share our good ideas with our friends. Some of us showed our super writing to other members of staff in school because Fred Frog was so proud of our achievements. WELL DONE everyone! 

We’re always busy with lots of different activities with Fred Frog….. we are getting so good at reading so many more of our ‘green words’ more easily. We work really well with our partners, taking turns while encouraging and praising one another.

Every day we use a different celebration to ‘celebrate our success’! Ask us which celebration we like best….. who has a favourite one? Fred Frog’s favourite is ‘FAN……. tastic’! Mrs Dale’s favourite is YEE…… ha! Ask us to show you the actions for some of our different celebrations…. 

Fred Frog has news of adventures with Pirates….

Happy New Year from Fred Frog and Mrs Dale. We hope you’ve all had a happy time with family and friends over the Christmas and New Year holiday and that Santa brought you some lovely surprises. 🙂 Hopefully the lovely stAR and whIRling twIRling angel decorations we made with Fred Frog’s help, found a place to hang at home over Christmas time. We made the stars when we were learning about the ‘ar‘ sound, and the whirling twirling angels when we were learning about the ‘ir‘ sound. 

rwinc angels and stars + natvivity 001

Before the excitement of Christmas time arrived, and after the excitement of having some of our family members join us for a lesson, we had some exciting adventures with and as Pirates as you can see in this next collection of photos. We had a fantastic time reading and listening to stories about Pirates before we dressed up and acted like Pirates, and finally created our own ‘WANTED Red Hat Rob’ posters for a missing pirate who stole Black Hat Bob’s treasure chest! Thanks A LOT to Mrs Matear, Mrs Clark and Mr Morley for lending/giving us the Pirate resources which helped us to have so much fun while we were learning to read and write with Fred Frog. Who can you recognise?….

We had some amazing adventures in our Pirate Ship!:

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Fred Frog loves working with his wonderful P3A Team. Our CKPS Superheroes are so proud of them, especially Achieving Alfie Achieving Alfieand Teamwork Tina.

WELL DONE P3A …. keep up the great effort and terrific teamwork in 2019! 🙂 

 the great effort and terrific teamwork.

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