Cycling To School

With help from the JRSO’s and the rest of the school, we are now pleased to announce that we have a ‘Cycling To Carrick Knowe’ booklet. It contains guidance on how to safely cycle and scoot as well as our rules that we have come up with as a school. Just click the link below!

Cycling To Carrick Knowe Booklet

Our Journey

It took a long time for our bike racks to be put into place at our school. Our playground was a bit of a building site for a while whilst the builders put up our racks. A big CONGRATULATIONS must also go out to Ibrahim in P7B (formerly P6B when he won) for winning our ‘Cycling to School’ poster competition. The JRSO’s decided that he had the best design and it will now appear on all of our ‘Cycling Safety’ documents.