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Carrick Knowe Primary Awarded Our Fifth Green Flag

Carrick Knowe Primary School has been awarded its fifth green flag by Eco Schools Scotland. The flag hasn’t actually arrived yet, but we were phoned on the 19th February and told the good news.

Each flag focuses on different topics within Eco Schools (listed above) and this flag was awarded for all our hard work connected to Litter, Transport and Health and Well-being.

Well done to the whole school for the part they played but we must also say a special thanks to Ms Pincock for leading the charge – fabulous work!


“The Eco-Schools programme is an international initiative designed to encourage whole-school action for the environment. It is a recognised award scheme that accredits schools who make a commitment to continuously improve their environmental performance. The aim of the Eco-Schools programme is to make environmental awareness and action an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of the school for both pupils and for staff, and to engage the wider community.”

The 7 Elements

Elements Carrick Knowe Achievements
Eco Committee Each year Primary 4 to 7 classes vote an Eco-representative to join our Eco-committee – run with the help of Ms Pincock. They meet on a regular basis to discuss progress and next steps. These older pupils also act as buddies to the P1 to 3 classes.

Other pupils from all classes also support the work of the Eco Committee via the Eco pupil voice group.

Environmental Review Carried out by our Eco Committee in 2017. The outcome of the review was used to form our Action Plan.
Action Plan Action Plan 2016 to 2018 was written. At the end of each academic session the Eco Committee evaluate progress to ensure the action plan has been implemented. Also at meetings throughout the year the Committee monitor progress and decide on next steps.
 Measuring For Eco schools activities we need to measure to find out if our topic and goal work is successful.
Link to the Curriculum Each class learns about different aspects of our school, local and global environment. Specific attention is paid to show how we can improve our world.
Involve the Wider Community Parents/carers, volunteers and even soldiers have all helped us in their own special way from giving up their time to donating equipment. We are always looking for people and opportunities to help us or help.
Eco Code ‘Take care of the little things. Be part of the big picture’ August 2011

The 10 Topics

There are ten topics that Eco-Schools Scotland have outlined in order to achieve a Green Flag. Thankfully we do not need to cover all ten topics at once. For each flag we need to cover three. Litter is the core topic and must always be one of those chosen in support of the national ‘Clean Up Scotland’ campaign.  The other two topics need to change with every new flag, so this time, at Carrick Knowe Primary School, we have chosen Transport and Health and Well-being

Transport will link in with our Park Smart initiative at Carrick Knowe and all the fabulous work of the JRSO.

Health and Well-being will link with the City of Edinburgh Building Resilience programme we are involved in, all our great Growth Mindset work, Fit in 15 and our recent Healthy Snack week where we got to use the change 4 life food scanner app.

building-resilienceFit in 15    D9A5D1B9-2C0E-4833-AD5A-BBBFD37DB2E2.png