In 2013 we are working hard to gain recognition as a Fairtrade School. This means that, as a school, we believe people who produce what we eat and wear should get paid a fair price for their goods and certainly enough to provide for themselves.

We are working together in classes, with our Global Ambassadors and with the local community to achieve this goal and make the world a fairer place. Pupils will have a chance to develop new skills as well as having a positive influence on the school and local community. Also, we get to be part of something that happens at a local, national and international level while taking on responsibilities for their actions

What do we need to do?

In order for us to achieve Fairtrade status we need to reach 5 goals, set out by Fairtrade themselves. The table below sets out the 5 Fairtrade goals and our progress. If you think you can help us in anyway please feel free to contact the school

Our Progress

Five Fairtrade Goals: Progress: Achieved
Set up a Fairtrade School Steering Group with at least half pupils and which meets at least once a term. Global Ambassador group established with representatives from each class throughout the school.


Write and adopt a Fairtrade Policy which has the support of the board of Governors and is signed by the Head teacher. In the process of being implemented.  
Use and sell Fairtrade products as much as possible. Fairtrade Tuckshop open for business each week, for all classes.


Learn about Fairtrade in at least three subjects in two year groups In the process of being implemented.  
Take action for Fairtrade at least once a term in the school and once a year in the community. In the process of being implemented.