FAQs – Health


Q1. Is there a school policy on nits?

A1. There is advice on the treatment of nits and lice and this will soon be included on our school website. This will reflect the information given to all schools by the Health agencies and by the City Council.

Changes from the days of regular hair checks by the ‘Nit Nurse’ have been based on the need to balance necessary treatment of lice and nits with the need to protect against over use of chemicals that could encourage resistance in lice. As such, part of the advise is that schools should only alert parents to any outbreak when it meets certain criteria, in particular when there are more than two children in the class who are affected. In addition to alerting parents when such a outbreak occurs, we also issued periodic reminders to all parents about the need to examine children’s hair and how to do so effectively.

Q2. Do children receive eye tests? If so, when? 

A2. Eye tests are administered to P1 children early on in their first school year. These are carried out by the School Nurse as part of a general health check that also includes taking height and weight.

Q3. Do the classes require parents to bring in a supply of tissues?

A3. In general, no, although if your child has a cold please send him/her to school with tissues.

Q4. What do children do if they are unwell or have an accident during school time? Is the sick bay supervised? 

A4. Any child who is unwell or has an accident will normally be taken to the medical room. The medical room is supervised by Learning Assistants who are trained in First Aid and they are available both during class time and during breaks. An initial assessment of any illness or injury will be made and parents will be contacted if it is necessary for a child to go home or to seek non urgent medical help. If the illness or accident was considered to be serious enough, an ambulance would be called and parents informed immediately. It is therefore vital that we have up to date contact information for you and also emergency contacts should you be unavailable.

Q5. Are boys shown how to use the boys’ toilets? Nursery children are unlikely to have used male toilets before starting school.

A5. As part of the induction tour, children will be shown where the toilets are and will see inside them. There is no specific training given to boys in how to use a urinal and we would ask that any parent who feels that this is necessary should do so before their child comes to school. Of course, in every boys’ toilet there are toilet cubicles as well as urinals and children are free to use whichever they prefer.