FAQs – School


Q1. Some schools close when there is extreme weather. How can I find out if the school is closed?

A1. In extreme cases we may have to shut the school if there are health and safety risks. We recommend that you tune into your local radio stations and/or keep up to date by checking the council website using the following link:

≡Q2. If you have more than one child at Carrick Knowe Primary, can communication from the school, and payments to the school, be passed on through one of the children? 

A2. As an Eco School we are exploring how we can minimise the use of paper therefore some school-wide communications will be passed through the oldest child in each family. Please note that we are now aiming to put ALL letters that are sent home onto the ‘Latest News’ section of our website.

A communication that is specific to classes, year stages of to particular interest groups such as netball will always be passed through the children affected.

While it might seem simple to pay for milk, lunches or trips using a single cheque for the whole family this can create major difficulties for the Learning Assistants who then have to separate out the monies and relay messages to different classes about who has paid for what. Of course, the more time spent doing tasks like this means that there is less time available to support learning in the classes.

However, there is some hope that an online system that is being piloted by the Council will allow parents to make single online payments and that the software will minimise the administration time spent by Learning Assistants and Office staff. More information on this ‘Wisepay’ system will be circulated if and when it is being put into operation.

In the meantime, we hope that parents will understand that the slight inconvenience that they experience in making payments allows more Learning Assistant time to be used to best effect.

Q3. Where is lost property stored?

A3. Lost property that is found in the cloakroom areas will normally be taken round classrooms. If this isn’t claimed it will then transfer to the Lost Property rails near the spiral staircase. Parents are encouraged to check if their child is missing an item and come to the school as soon as possible to look for any items that they know to be missing. By far the best way to avoid lost property remaining unclaimed is to name all items of clothing that children bring to school, especially uniform items that are impossible to identify as belonging to any single individual. Pre-printed name labels are fairly inexpensive or easier still write it in pen.

Q4. Are children actively encouraged to drink water through the school day?

A4. Children are able to bring water bottles to school and can fill them up at convenient times during the school day if necessary. We encourage children to eat and drink healthily and the importance of drinking water as an alternative to less healthy options is part of that. Children may drink their water whenever they please during the school day although they would not take their water to assemblies and other similar activities. We do not permit children to drink sugared drinks throughout the day.