FAQs – Staffing


Q1. I have heard that a class teacher sometimes takes a class for two years in a row. What is the rationale behind this?

A1. Teachers will normally work with a class for one or sometimes two years, though experience suggests that after the two years it is good for children and staff to move on. Staff turnover can interrupt this as can maternity leave or long term sickness. In deciding which teachers work with which classes, the specific experience and expertise of individual teachers needs to be taken into account as well as the length of time they have worked in a stage. It is expected at Carrick Knowe that teachers will move around the school.

Q2. How are staff absences covered?

A2. Short term staff absence is covered either by having a ‘supply teacher’ or by a member of the senior staff. In both cases, the person covering the class will continue to work to the same plans and routines as would have been followed by the class leader.

The close liaison that operates between the two teachers at a year stage means that children have a continuous experience, even when the supply teacher is working with class.

Q3. Which learning assistants work with which classes?

A3. There are two means of allocating Learning Assistants to classes. The first is a general allocation to support the teaching staff with the class as a whole. The second allocation is to support individual children with specific needs that have been identified by the school or by the school and the local authority.

Q4. How do I contact my teacher?

A4. Teachers will always make themselves available to discuss issues with parents. If you are unable to speak directly with a teacher as you are not around the school, please contact the school office staff who will make any necessary arrangements. This can be done by telephone on 0131 334 4505 or admin@carrickknowe.edin.sch.uk. You can of course also make a request to meet with one of the senior management team. This can also be done by telephoning the school.