Homework Trials!


Survey Results:

Initial Survey: (Parent Results)

Approach 1 Survey: (Parent Results)   (Pupil Results)

Approach 2 Survey: (Parent Results)   (Pupil Results)

Approach 3 Survey: (Parent Results)   (Pupil Results)

Approach 4 Survey: (Parent Results)   (Pupil Results)

Approach 5 Survey: (Parent Results)   (Pupil Results)

Final Survey:             (Parent Results)   (Pupil Results)   (Staff Results)

New Homework Strategy: Click here For A Summary

Key Question 1 – What are we doing?

We are looking to change the way we implement homework across the whole school. We recognise that there is a need for a consistent approach which serves all of our stakeholders (pupils, parents and teachers).

Key Question 2 – Why are we doing this?

The original question came from a Parent Council meeting and focused on the purpose and nature of homework. As a school we then recognised a need to review our practices at Carrick Knowe and set about gathering views from teachers, parents and children. From this, surveys were sent out asking for their views on a wide range of homework-related issues and a working group of teachers and parents was set up in order to analyse this information. The results from this survey can be found at the top of this page.

Key Question 3 – How do we move forward? What type of homework can I expect home?

We have identified FIVE different ways of approaching homework. These ways have all been designed based on the feedback given from parents and teachers as well as looking at other schools, educational settings and research from around the world. Rest assured – No stone has been left unturned! These different ways will now be trialled between October until the end of the second term (Easter). The dates and types of homework for each approach have been listed below:


Key Question 4 – When are the next decisions taken?

We aim to consult pupils, parents and teachers after every approach in order to identify perceived strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. This is likely to consist of two or three short questions which can be submitted through the website. After the Easter holidays we will gather all the data then (hopefully) publish a new homework policy before the end of the year which should result in a consistent approach across our school.

A summary of all of our survey results so far can be found at the top of this page.

Key Question 5 – Can I see some examples of these different types of homework?

Yes. As the trial progresses we aim to upload pictures below of homework from each approach throughout the school.

Below are examples of our first approach – they include a mix or maths and spelling tasks. Examples of the ‘No Homework Approach’ were a little hard to come by! The PDF files for the ‘Home Learning Walls’ have also been attached below.

Click on the numbers to view our ‘Home Activity Walls’. Each number will bring up the activity wall for that stage.


Below are pictures from our ‘Activity Wall’ approach including photos of trips to the woods, creative artwork and kindness certificates.

Key Documents:

– ‘Changes To Homework’ Whole School Letter

– Homework Trial Timetable (available to view, download and/or print)

Other Media:

– Newsround Debate On Homework

– Education Endowment Foundation Research