It has been INCREDIBLE to see so many of the children at Carrick Knowe Primary School choosing active ways of getting to school. Mrs Buchanan could not believe her eyes when she went to the scooter and bike sheds on Wednesday with the JRSOs and saw them absolutely jam packed with bikes and scooters.

Everyday, Mrs Buchanan has been sending the Carrick Knowe daily figures into SUSTRANS.

  • On Thursday, we were 2nd in Edinburgh and 54th across the whole of the UK
  • On Friday, we were 8th in the whole of Scotland!

We really are doing amazing! When we enter our results, we are entered into different daily competitions and there are LOADS of really good prizes up for grabs such as micro-scooters for the school, a company coming in to paint different games in the playground, bikes, learning workshops for the children plus a lot more!


Bike to School Week 2021!

Thank you to EVERYONE who took part in Bike to School Week. It was a great success!

On a very drab Monday, we had 12 bike riders and 18 scooter riders. However, when the weather brightened on Tuesday we welcomed 38 bike riders and 33 scooter riders.

Wednesday was the BEST turnout with 47 bike riders and 33 scooter riders. On Thursday, it was another miserable day but another 14 people braved the bikes and 22 braved the scooters.

Finally, we had 15 bike riders and 28 scooter riders on Friday.

Have a look at our photographs below.

Big thanks to Mrs Centola and Miss Owenson and the rest of the JRSO team, they did an amazing job and even got out of bed early to gather the data and take photographs.

We would be very keen to see if any of the children at Carrick Knowe win the Frog bike, please let us know. Look out for the next JRSO event – there are lots of exciting things happening this year.

Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Kane and the JRSO team!

Sustrans Outside In

Sustrans has designed a new resource for families called Sustrans Outside In. It’s four weeks of activities, games and challenges. Designed by their experienced school officers, the activity packs are full of stay-at-home cycling, walking and scooting themed fun. You need to register on their website and then they will send you the activities weekly.

Sign up and get your first activity


What a brilliant time we’ve had, completing Level 1 Bikeability as part of our skills group on a Thursday afternoon. We have spent a lot of time working on signalling, manoeuvring and safely moving around when we are on our bikes.

We have recently be learning how to check our bike is safe by performing an M check. The M check looks at all the main areas of the bike and ensures that everything is working properly before we start a journey.

We have made a start at Level 2 of Bikeability and using the streets near the school to get confident at our different manoeuvres.

The Big Pedal

Well done everyone for taking part in Carrick Knowe Big Pedal 2019. We had an amazing number of pupils and staff cycling, walking or scooting to school for the two weeks, 25th march to 5th April. A big thank you to the JRSO and the Eco Committee who collected all the pupil numbers every day. Surprisingly, scooting was the most popular way of getting to and from school.

Every day we entered our numbers on the Sustrans Big Pedal website and we were so successful that at the end of the challenge, our school was ranked 13th in Scotland for our group – Mid-sized urban primary school.

Well done everyone! Not only are we all fitter but we have helped the environment too.

Our Cycling To School Booklet

With help from the JRSO’s and the rest of the school, we are now pleased to announce that we have a ‘Cycling To Carrick Knowe’ booklet. It contains guidance on how to safely cycle and scoot as well as our rules that we have come up with as a school. Just click the link below!

Cycling To Carrick Knowe Booklet