Learning Grids


Each week our class teachers will use Learning Journals to send home a Learning Grid to help you with your child’s Home Learning. Below you will find all of the Learning Grids that have been sent home including the ones that were sent home before Easter.

Further resources such as worksheets / presentations may have been sent using this method and for children in P5-P7, all resources have also been sent to your child’s Office 365 email address.

Week Beginning – 1st June 2020
Health and Wellbeing Week

Next week there is a Health & Wellbeing Week – as it would have been if we had been in school. We have decided that the Learning Grid issued next week will be a family Learning Grid and will contain a variety of different activities and tasks for the whole family to participate in. This will culminate on Friday with our virtual ‘Sports Day’ organised by Mrs MacLennan and our P7 Sports Captains.

This grid will be sent out via Learning Journals as normal and will be posted here over the weekend!

Week Beginning – 25th May 2020

Week Beginning – 19th May 2020

Week Beginning – 11th May 2020

Week Beginning – 5th May 2020

Week Beginning – 27th April 2020

Week Beginning – 21st April 2020

Week Beginning – 23rd March 2020

Home Learning Grid (Overview for Nursery)

Home Learning Grid (Overview for P1)

Home Learning Grid (Overview for the P1s from P1/2)

Home Learning Grid (Overview for P2A and the P2s from P1/2)

Home Learning Grid (Overview for P3A and P3B)

Home Learning Grid (Overview for P3-4 and P4A)

Home Learning Grid (Overview for P5A)

Home Learning Grid (Overview for P5/6)

Home Learning Grid (Overview for P6)

Home Learning Grid (Overview for P7)

Generic Learning Grids

A generic activity grid for the Early, First and Second level of the curriculum can be found by clicking the link below. This link also includes the letter sent out by Mrs MacLean prior to the school closure:

Home Learning Letter and Generic Grids for Early, First and Second Level