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Friday 26th June 2020:



Remember to stay strong, stick together, be kind, and take care!

As promised, here is all of the interesting art work depicting a poem about the 7 Days of the Week, as well as photos showing you where to find them. If you’re in the city centre one day over the summer, look out for this beautifully creative artwork, which illustrates a poem by one of Scotland’s famous poets, George Mackay Brown – it’s in Rose Street:

If you didn’t see these downloads last week, why not take a look at them now! 🙂

Our CKPS Superhero Achieving Alfie wants to remind you of some of what we achieved together over the past year, before school closed in March, so, if you haven’t already done so this week, take a look here when you have a moment: Well done for all those amazing achievements! 🙂

CONGRATULATIONS to Aaron 🙂 because he has been awarded the Jack Anderson 🏆– you can read more about this here:

And…. you can see recent home school learning and teaching achievements in the photos below….. great work everyone!

If you’ve not yet seen the CKPS COVID-19 caterpillar, I hope you will be able to take a look at it over the summer holiday; maybe you will add another decorated stone or rock to the lovely collection seen below:

Last but by no means least!… Jaimé kindly sent the set of photos below, which were taken when he visited our gorgeous-looking CKPS allotment earlier this week.

And the final two photos are a great way to finish this BLOG post today, as we relax and unwind at the start of our much deserved holiday; they were taken while Jaimé was on what must have been a magical midsummer’s MIDNIGHT walk with his family, including the dogs. 🙂


See you in August! Mrs Dale 🙂

Monday to Thursday 22nd – 25th June:

GOOD MORNING everyone! Just a little reminder….this week is the special Transition Learning and Passport Week so have your passport ready each day and look out for all the fun activities planned on the Family Learning Grid, as well as keeping an eye on your Class Teacher’s BLOG. 

This week, there will be nothing new on this BLOG from Monday to Thursday. Fred Frog, his friends and I will be thinking of you and we look forward to posting our final BLOG post for this session, on Friday.

Early last Friday morning I spotted this lovely art work and poem about the Days of the Week. Below you can see the images for Monday to Thursday; on Friday I will reveal the other 3 days, as well as where you can find this in Central Edinburgh in case you want to see it over the summer holiday! So you might want to take a last look at this BLOG on Friday morning before term ends and the holiday begins! 🙂 See you then! Have a great week! Mrs Dale

PS Our CKPS Superhero Achieving Alfie says: If you want to be reminded of some of your achievements this session before school closed, take a look at: