Nursery Lockdown Blog – Mrs Christie


Friday 26th June:

We can’t quite believe we’ve made it to the holidays, we can’t thank you enough for all your support over the last few months.

It was lovely to see your photos on Learning Journals and Facebook enjoying your picnics and The Carrick Knowe Bear Hunt, here are a few photos from this week.

Wishing you and your families a lovely Summer, keep having lots of fun.

We can’t wait to see you all back at Nursery and School in August.

From everyone in the Nursery.

Thursday 25th June:

Good morning everyone, it was so lovely for us to see some of you yesterday- it made us miss you more. We hope you’re all ready for a picnic today, if you’ve managed to keep your goodies and didn’t enjoy them yesterday.

You might like to listen to The Teddy Bear picnic story today.

Have a great picnic everyone, please share any picnic photos with us.

We’ll have our last post tomorrow before the Summer holidays.

Have a great day.

From everyone in the Nursery.

Thursday 25th June (Extra):

We know that many of you have seen these already but we thought we’d upload them again! So for those going into P1A next year, here is a video message (or three!) from your new teachers – Mrs Henderson and Mrs Kane!

And for those going into P1B next year, here is a video message from your new teacher – Mrs Christie!

Wednesday 24th June:

Good morning everyone, we hope you had fun playing some games yesterday. Today is an exciting day- you should all receive a special picnic bag from us today for you to enjoy tomorrow.

Some of you might want to create a picnic menu for tomorrow like we did in Nursery to help tell everyone what was for snack. Can you draw the pictures of what you are going to have and put the dots or numbers to tell people how many they can have of each item.

Carrick Knowe Primary Bear Hunt

As part of the Bear Hunt Transition project we’ve been busy creating a Carrick Knowe Primary Bear Hunt for you, there are 10 bears hiding around the streets near the School, we’d love for you all to join in the hunt. In your picnic bag you should receive a bear hunt sheet for you to use to help find them all, don’t forget your binoculars to help you spot them.

Primary 1 Transition

Primary 1 Treasure box

In your picnic bag you’ll find a Treasure box activity sheet, we would love for you over the Summer holidays to create and make your own Treasure box. It can be decorated in any way you like and inside we would like for you to have no more than 5 special things to bring with you and share with your class in Primary 1. We will let you know when your child can bring their box into school. This may take a bit longer due to current restrictions.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday.

From Everyone in the Nursery.

Tuesday 23rd June:

Good Morning everyone did you manage to make some picnic placemats yesterday. Today’s activity is about listening to the Teddy Bear’s picnic song- Did you know the tune of the song was written 100 years ago, then the words were made up later.

Can you practice some games for your picnic here are a few to try.

Pass the bear– like pass the parcel- play some music if the bear lands on you- you could get a point, or have to do a dance, sing a song.

Teddy bear race– have 10 markers, numbers to 10 for each player, roll a dice and your teddy has to move that many markers/numbers, the winner is the first to ten- could play to 15 or 20, or you have a few bears/toys each to get to 10.

Sleeping bears– same tune as sleeping bunnies- decide what action the bears have to do, crawl, growl.

What’s the time Mr Bear- same as what’s the time Mr Wolf.

Coming soon The Carrick Knowe Primary Bear Hunt. Watch this space tomorrow for more information.

If you’ve not made a model of the bear hunt story yet, using materials you can collect from outdoors, or in your house, make a model of the bear hunt story. You can have a grown up take a photograph and email it to us.

Have a great day.

From Everyone in the Nursery.

Monday 22nd June:

Good morning, we hope you all had a great week-end. You should have all received this week’s Learning Grid. We are going to have a Teddy Bear’s picnic theme and on Wednesday look out for a delivery from a member of staff from Nursery with some treats for you to enjoy on Thursday at our picnic from home ‘Nursery picnic.’

Today can you make some placemats for your picnic, you can decorate them how you like.

Here are a few ideas, you could get an adult to help you weave some placemats

Or try taking a pencil for a walk then colour in some of the shapes.

Last week we had a question from Lottie

She asked if she would get to go to the big hall to see everyone?

We won’t be able to have big assemblies with everyone when we first go back to school, we will get to go in and play games with your class.

Also what will she get to do at school, is it exciting like nursery?

School is lots of fun and you’ll get to do lots of the same things as in Nursery, that you’ll get to choose what to do and play with, also you will learn lots of new exciting things too.

Are you ready for Week 6 of The Bear Hunt-Below is a link for this week’s activities-

 With your grown up, can you talk about how the bear at the end of the story could make friends? How could you make new friends at school?

Have a great day.

From everyone in the Nursery.